Mina Hawk Talks About Benefits of Self Reflection and Building Family

Apr 21, 2024

Mina Starsiak Hawk, New Baby Girl, Building a Family (Star of Good Bones)



In this episode of the 5 Core Life, host Will Moore sits down with Mina Hawk, the HGTV Star of Good Bones to discuss building a family and benefits of self reflection..

✍️ Episode Overview

In this insightful episode of the "Five Core Life" podcast, host Will Moore sits down with HGTV star Mina Hawk to explore the delicate balance between entrepreneurship and family life. As they delve into Mina's journey from starting a family to managing her rising career, listeners gain valuable perspectives on integrating personal goals with professional ambitions. Mina shares how her mantra, inspired by Stan Lee's famous quote "with great power comes great responsibility," guides her to make impactful decisions that enrich her life and those around her.

This episode not only highlights Mina's strategies for financial management within her relationship but also sheds light on her approach to building a fulfilling life that resonates deeply with listeners striving for balance in their own lives. Through candid discussions, personal anecdotes, and a deep dive into the benefits of self reflection, this episode encourages listeners to take time to reflect on their personal and professional lives. It provides actionable insights into overcoming the common challenges of maintaining harmony between personal aspirations and professional responsibilities, offering a pathway to a more balanced and reflective lifestyle.

📖 Chapter Summaries - Take Time to Reflect!

  1. Introduction and Welcome [0:00 - 06:00] In the opening segment, Will Moore introduces Mina Hawk and sets the stage for a discussion on balancing entrepreneurship with family life. They explore the foundational elements of creating a successful personal and professional life, emphasizing the importance of taking time to reflect on one's achievements and areas for growth. This segment establishes the theme of reflection as a crucial tool for personal excellence and success in various life domains.

  2. Mina's Journey to Entrepreneurship [06:00 - 12:00] Mina shares her transition from a budding entrepreneur to a television star, detailing the critical decisions that shaped her career. The discussion highlights how self reflection at work can guide career choices and help maintain alignment with one’s core values and goals. Listeners gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of building a personal brand while maintaining authenticity.

  3. The Role of Family and Personal Life [12:00 - 18:00] This chapter delves into Mina's personal life, discussing how her family has influenced and supported her career choices. She talks about the benefits of self reflection in maintaining a strong bond with family while pursuing demanding professional goals. The importance of balancing work-life elements to foster both personal happiness and career success is underscored.

  4. Financial Management in Relationships [18:00 - 24:00] Mina and Will discuss navigating financial aspects within relationships, emphasizing the importance of open communication and taking time to reflect on financial decisions together. This approach helps in making informed and mutually beneficial financial decisions. They also explore how couples can work together to achieve financial stability and support each other’s career aspirations.

  5. Building a Brand While Being a Parent [24:00 - 30:00] The conversation shifts to how Mina manages her brand while juggling parenthood. She stresses on taking time to reflect on her daily routines and adjusting them to ensure she meets both her family and business needs effectively. Mina provides practical tips for parent entrepreneurs on maintaining productivity and personal well-being.

  6. The Importance of Self-Care [30:00 - 36:00] Mina discusses the critical role of self-care in her life, particularly how self reflection at work has helped her to identify signs of burnout and implement preventive measures. This segment teaches that recognizing one’s limits is crucial for long-term success and sustainability in any career, especially in demanding creative fields.

  7. Challenges Along the Way [36:00 - 42:00] This chapter explores the challenges Mina faced in her career and personal life, and how what is self-reflection helped her overcome these hurdles. She illustrates the practical applications of reflective practices that have allowed her to learn from past experiences and adapt to new challenges as they arise.

  8. Mentorship and Its Impact [42:00 - 48:00] Discussion on the impact of mentorship on Mina's career, focusing on how mentors have encouraged her to engage in self reflection at work. This has been instrumental in her development and in making strategic decisions that align with her long-term objectives. Mentors play a critical role in providing guidance and feedback that fosters growth.

  9. Benefits of Self-Reflection for Students [48:00 - 54:00] Will shifts the conversation to the broader benefits of self reflection for students and young professionals. Mina shares insights on how reflective practices can aid in academic and early career stages by instilling a habit of continuous personal improvement. They discuss how self-reflection can significantly enhance learning experiences and career planning.

  10. Looking Ahead: Future Plans and Goals [54:00 - 60:00] In the final segment, Mina discusses her future plans, emphasizing the role of taking time to reflect on her aspirations and the paths to achieve them. This forward-looking conversation inspires listeners to consider how they can apply similar strategies to envision and realize their own goals. Mina highlights the importance of setting realistic objectives and revisiting them regularly to ensure alignment with personal values and life changes.

🔑 Key Takeaways - Benefits of Self Reflection

  1. Understanding the Balance Balancing family and career requires continuous self-reflection at work and at home. Mina emphasizes the importance of checking in with oneself to ensure neither aspect of life is overwhelming the other. This benefits of self reflection help maintain a sustainable equilibrium between professional ambitions and personal happiness.

  2. Financial Harmony in Relationships Open communication about finances in relationships is vital. Mina shares that regularly taking time to reflect on financial goals and responsibilities with your partner can prevent conflicts and strengthen the relationship. This approach ensures both partners are aligned and supportive of each other's financial and career goals.

  3. Role of Family in Personal Growth Family can be a cornerstone of support and motivation. Mina attributes her success to the foundational support of her family, illustrating how the benefits of self reflection include improved family dynamics and deeper personal connections, which in turn bolster one's resilience and drive in professional endeavors.

  4. Self-Care as a Priority Mina stresses the importance of taking time to reflect on one's physical and mental health needs. Acknowledging the signs of burnout and implementing self-care routines are essential for long-term career sustainability and personal well-being, showcasing the critical benefits of self reflection for students and professionals alike.

  5. Navigating Parenthood and Entrepreneurship Juggling parenthood and a career is challenging but manageable with effective planning and self-reflection at work. Mina discusses strategies for integrating parenting duties with business tasks without sacrificing the quality of either, highlighting how reflection leads to better time management and efficiency.

  6. Learning from Challenges Every challenge offers a learning opportunity. Mina discusses how what is self-reflection has allowed her to analyze past failures and challenges, turning them into stepping stones for future success. This habit is crucial for personal growth and adapting to ever-changing professional landscapes.

  7. Mentorship’s Transformative Power Effective mentorship can accelerate personal and professional development. Mina credits her mentors for encouraging her to engage in self-reflection at work, which has been instrumental in her success. This takeaway emphasizes the value of finding and listening to mentors who can guide your growth journey.

  8. The Importance of Financial Dialogue Consistent financial discussions can lead to more informed decision-making in relationships. Mina underscores the necessity of taking time to reflect on each partner's financial perspective, facilitating a cooperative approach to managing money, which is vital for harmony and mutual support in shared life goals.

  9. Strategic Planning for Future Goals Looking forward requires careful planning and regular evaluation. Mina highlights the importance of taking time to reflect on one's career trajectory and personal aspirations to ensure alignment with long-term goals. This strategic approach ensures that efforts are directed efficiently toward desired outcomes.

  10. Embracing Change and Adaptability Embracing change is essential for growth. Through self reflection at work, Mina has learned to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, demonstrating that flexibility and willingness to change are key to success in both personal and professional realms.

🥇 Golden Habit

Definition of Golden Habit:

A 'Golden Habit' is the optimal habit to relieve a pain point/replace a bad habit because it's personalized to your DNA, goals, and lifestyle in order to maximally reduce the friction to form it. The Golden Habit should be:

  • DESIRABLE: Should be enjoyable and rewarding.

  • PRACTICAL: Must easily integrate into one’s existing routines.

  • IMPACTFUL: Expected to significantly enhance well-being.

This Episode’s Golden Habit:

In the discussion with Mina Hawk, a standout example of a Golden Habit is her approach to balancing family life with her entrepreneurial career. Mina emphasizes the importance of self-reflection at work and at home, making it a daily practice to evaluate her priorities and adjust her actions accordingly. This habit is DESIRABLE because it brings satisfaction and alignment with personal values, PRACTICAL as it fits seamlessly into daily routines, and IMPACTFUL in promoting a balanced and fulfilling life.

Related Core Area:

This habit aligns with the Emotional & Mental Health Core, addressing key pain points like burnout and stress management. Mina’s approach helps mitigate these issues by maintaining a clear focus on what is truly important, ensuring that her actions are aligned with her overall life goals. This regular practice of reflection enhances her well-being by keeping her grounded and centered, despite the hectic pace of her dual roles.

This Golden Habit showcases how integrating simple, effective habits into daily life can lead to significant improvements in well-being and productivity. It serves as a practical example for listeners on how to apply the Moore Momentum System to their own lives for better balance and fulfillment.

💊 Pain Points Addressed with Solution

  1. Information Overload and Trust Issues Mina Hawk discusses the overwhelming amount of information available, especially for entrepreneurs and parents trying to find balance. The solution she practices is taking time to reflect on the information she consumes, prioritizing sources that align with her values and experiences. This approach helps to filter out noise and focus on advice that truly benefits her personal and professional life.

  2. Erosion of Discipline and Instant Gratification In the podcast, Mina emphasizes the importance of setting structured goals that are both achievable and rewarding, countering the modern tendency towards instant gratification. Her strategy involves breaking larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks that provide quick wins but also contribute to long-term goals, maintaining motivation and discipline.

  3. Fixed Mindset Leading to Procrastination/Inaction Mina combats procrastination by fostering a growth mindset, a key takeaway from the episode. She regularly sets aside time for self-reflection to assess her progress and setbacks, allowing her to adapt and persevere rather than quitting when faced with challenges. This habit is critical for continuous personal and professional development.

  4. Burnout Inefficiency and Miswanting Addressing burnout, Mina integrates efficient work routines with adequate rest and family time, ensuring she does not fall into the trap of miswanting—pursuing goals that don't actually lead to happiness. Her method involves regularly assessing her activities' impact on her well-being, ensuring they align with her core life values.

  5. Lack of Self-Awareness and Personalization One of the most impactful solutions discussed is the incorporation of personalized strategies into daily routines. Mina uses tailored approaches to manage her time and responsibilities, which helps her maintain a clear understanding of her needs and how best to meet them without compromising her health or relationships.


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🫅 Bio

Mina Hawk: Trailblazer in Home Renovation and Balanced Living

Mina Hawk, the spirited HGTV star of "Good Bones," has transformed her passion for renovation into a flourishing career while balancing the demands of being a new mother. With a background in real estate and a keen eye for design, Mina has dedicated herself to reviving neighborhoods one house at a time. Her approach goes beyond mere aesthetics, incorporating substantial structural improvements that ensure the longevity and sustainability of homes.

Apart from her television success, Mina is deeply committed to community development and personal well-being. Her philosophy extends to her personal life, where she advocates for a balanced lifestyle that accommodates her professional endeavors and family commitments. Mina's journey is not just about transforming properties; it's about instilling life and vibrancy back into communities while nurturing her own family's growth.

Her work on "Good Bones" has not only showcased her skill and dedication but also her ability to manage complex projects under pressure, all while maintaining a transparent and authentic connection with her audience. Mina continues to inspire many by demonstrating that with the right mindset and habits, it is possible to achieve success in multiple facets of life.


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