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When I was a kid, I woke up every day full of wonder and unbridled enthusiasm ready to take on the day KNOWING anything was possible. By the time I hit college, I was your typical “fixed-victim” convinced the world was out to get me and there was nothing I could do about it. Don’t believe me? Checkout my highschool senior pic:

I was one of the lucky ones to experience what I now call my “rock-bottom-bounce” early, forcing my fight or flight instinct to kick in.

Fortunately, it was fight that prevailed, and over the last 25 years I’ve made it my mission to unlock the age-old mystery of what it truly means to be happy, and how to bottle it.

Along the way I’ve concluded without doubt that our happiness is directly correlated to our HABITS. Habits don’t care if they’re good or bad, helping or hurting us, either way they’re going to do their thing and take their toll on our lives over time.

I knew I needed a system to get my habits working FOR, instead of against me, so I created my own. The concept fit perfectly into what I now call “The Equation Of Life: Your Belief System + Your Repeated Actions + Time = Who You Will Become.”

The 1st version was my mom’s rubber band technique. Handed down from her mom, it consisted of snapping a rubber-band worn around my wrist whenever I had a negative thought. What I Iater came to learn was a Psychology form of aversive conditioning, the method was simple but effective … until you forgot to wear the rubber-band.

The 2nd version was came from my studies of Ben Franklin. In 1726, Franklin, always looking for ways to improve himself and the world around him, developed his “virtues tracker” where on a single sheet of paper he had the 13 virtues he wanted to develop along the vertical side, and the days of the week across the top. I MacGyvered this into my own version, seen here (actual very first version I made)…. This definitely helped me become aware of what I needed to change, but I found that 1) I would often forget to score myself at the end of the day, 2) Working on so many habits at once proved overwhelming, 3) I had to print a new piece of paper every day and there was no way to quickly reference progress over time.
As technology evolved, my 3rd version evolved into an excel format. I moved to a weekly vs daily review, and instead of check marks for the habits, I now scored myself from 1-5. I added columns for things like journal/notes on how things went, My Mantra, career goals, and the top fears I knew were crippling me that I needed to overcome.

This last version is the one I’d been using up until recently. All the while knowing that it could be better, but not quite knowing the best way to improve it. A main drawback was that the system had become so robust that the time commitment of reviewing it all pushed me to go to the weekly, vs daily review. It started to feel like homework I dreaded. Also, the system was on my desktop computer, not the palm of my hand I could easily reference at a moment’s notice.

And now here we are. Science and technology have finally caught up to the point where I can actually make it fun and addicting to improve my life. Instead of just leveling up just on screen, you also AUTOMATICALLY level up in real life. THE APP will revolutionize how we both STOP and BUILD our habits, allowing us to head up into that bright, bold, beautiful sky :).

Get ready to explore galaxies, encounter TRULY intelligent life, and blast through asteroid fields – all the while building more and more momentum in your life!

I pledge to use that same knowledge that the big tech companies are using to sell you, the user, to make money, solely for GOOD! Yes you’ll get those dopamine hits and get addicted, but only to help you fly into that bright, bold, beautiful sky!

If you read “My Bio” you’d know that I’ve always had a knack for timing and spotting trends before they take off. Get ready!!!

Are you ready??? Let’s goooooo!!!

“Since I never got a spot at the cool kids table, I’ve created my own. Join me so that when someone asks ‘What are you a hardo – why are you trying so hard?’ Your response is ‘Ya I’m trying hard to be the happiest I can be, WHY AREN’T YOU?”

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