How To Gamify Your Life?

"Life is a game. Learn the rules and have some fun."
- Will Moore


Life is a game. Don't believe me. Let's look at those who've learned the rules and learned how to play it vs those who haven't. The rules revolve around the Five Core areas of life directly correlated to happiness, and the habits within them stemming from universal principles.

Visual learning has taken hold and there's no going back. If used correctly, it can replace the world's declining capacity to pay attention. Utilizing the same science and technology behind this trend, humans can forge a new path forward in our quest for happiness. Our new path forward is 100% dependent on our ability to momentify our happiness by harnessing the immense power that currently lies at our fingertips

Stan Lee was right: "With great power there must also come great responsibility."

Ready Player One? Read on...

Horizontal Loop of Success

1) Become Aware of your Glitchy Code

The system we all grow up in that determines how happy we'll be is broken. Our knowledge is outpacing our wisdom in that we're so enthralled with the fact that we can do something, we forget to stop and ask if we should.

Our current “social dilemma” has products fully integrated into our daily lives being run by companies whose #1 goal is to monetize our attention - whatever the cost.

The first step to gamifying your life is to become aware of the failure habits that have sprung from this broken system to determine what success habits you'll want to replace them with.

The more success habits you build, the more you'll upgrade your belief system as you step into your success loop. And you'll want to do this in the main areas scientifically correlated to happiness - your 5 cores.

Gamify Your Life

2) Gamify Your Life to Build Momentum

The next step is to develop a system. We all have systems, but as mentioned above, most of them come from one that is itself in desperate need of repair. Self discipline, a key ingredient to happiness, is quickly fading with our increased ability to get anything we want delivered at the click of a button. Everything but our happiness of course.

The Moore Momentum System leverages game-like elements such as points, rewards, competition, and social connectivity so you WANT to take those actions you struggle so much with. It reduces the friction of forming success habits by making it fun and addictive to level-up one small step at a time.

There's no cheat code to happiness, but there is a way to combine science with universal principles (the rules of the game) to work for instead of against you.

Equation of Life

3) Master the Game of Life

Mastering the game of life won't be easy - no fun game ever is. The good news is that replacing your habits in all Five Cores is hard until it isn't. Habits don't care if they're good or bad, so once you get over the initial front-loaded hump, your success habits will work on autopilot building momentum the same way those failure habits kept you grounded.

Think of your life up till now as a novice gamer. You were given bad instructions on how to play and as a result have been stuck on Level 1 in your failure loop. Now you're being given the game manual containing the information and strategies to fully equip your character with the upgrades needed to get to the next level...and the next, and the next. 1-UP achieved.

Your Epic Quest is to get what I call "The Equation Of Life" working FOR instead of against you. Hitting the reset button on your broken belief system to center around your Five Cores, and shifting your actions so they start forming the success habits that will compound you into a winning player.

Ready to Learn the Rules to Master the Game of Life?

My MISSION is to gamify your happiness by using science to help you redesign your world so it becomes fun and engaging to replace your habits in your 5 Core Areas Of Happiness. To create a world where what you HAVE to do becomes what you WANT to do.

- Will Moore

Checkout My Youtube Channel Dedicated To Gamifying Your Life

Checkout My Youtube Channel

Life is a game. Don't believe me. Look at the difference between those who've learned the rules and mastered play vs those who've never picked up the controller. The rules are the five cores and the success habits within them stemming from universal principles.

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