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Mark Hansen

Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books - Over 500M Sold

"Will Moore is someone you want in your life. He’s crushed every goal he’s set for himself and won’t stop until he’s changed the happiness trajectory of the world. By combining the latest in science and technology with universal principles, he’s taken a quantum leap in bringing personal development into the 21st century. I stand behind Will in putting people over profits on his quest to reshape the world’s habits for the greater good."

Mitzi Perdue

Daughter of Sheraton Hotels Founder, Widow to Frank Perdue Chicken Magnate, and author of "How To Be UP In Down Times"

"Are you looking for an exciting, insightful, uplifting experience, one that gives you the tools to be all you can be? Look no further. Will Moore’s superpower is his ability to provide this."

Lucas Fennell


"Mr. Moore has done an incredible job of aggregating some of the most critical and useful tools related to personal development into actionable steps. Moore Momentum, has the power to help individuals grow while saving time and money. It’s perfect for this current world we live in where there’s so much false info out there and nobody has the time or patience to go out and read a ton of self-help books that may or may not help. Will has been a great person to have one-on-one discussions with. He is very personable, eager to make a difference, and ultimately wants everyone to gain more momentum in their lives. I would highly encourage everyone to look into the Moore Momentum program."

Nick Johnson


"I met Will about 6 months ago through a program at my University were I was put in the role of a mentee & Will was my mentor. Someone who was struggling to find himself, and the direction in which my life was heading, I called upon Will for answers. Through the thick & the thin Will had my back. He used his five cores to really connect with me which resulted in me understanding what it really takes to be the best version of myself. I have used all that I have learned through Will in various job interviews, conversations with friends, and conversations with family. I truly believe that what Will is preaching and trying to get this world to understand, is extremely useful and can help any person become a better version of themselves, which as Will has been a great person to have one-on-one discussions with. He is very personable, eager to make a difference, and ultimately wants everyone to gain more momentum in their lives. I would highly encourage everyone to look into the Moore Momentum program."

Harrison Loew


"Mr. Moore and I met through his alma mater and my current college Rollins College. There, a simple 15 minute conversation blossomed into a mutual mentorship that has provided me with validation of my mission to success and living, what I now consider to be, a 5 Core Life. His background and proven success have shown me a template that is both effective and exciting in any facet of business. Mr. Moore is more than just an entrepreneur with an intense desire to be successful, he is also a patient mentor and caring individual. In a world of texts, tweets, and constant distraction, it’s incredible to see a figure that continues to be successful with the winning attributes that have made some of the greatest businessmen in history."

Linus Stieldorf

TEDx Organizer

"Will Moore was one of our main speakers of the first online TEDx event in Germany. Will inspired, motivated and activated our attendees and our team in such a great way. It was such a pleasure to work with him, to learn from him and see how he thrives on stage."

Simon Urban


"William and I met during a College Alumni event. He was open right from the beginning and we figured out quickly that we are interested in similar topics, successful personal growth and social entrepreneurship. In the following time William helped me and my business partner to analyze the best steps to move the business further by drawing from his very successful entrepreneurship experience which peaked in an IPO. Thank you very much for your exceptional help and your great advice and for many more to come!"

Kenneth Shortrede


"I wanted to thank you for your willingness to help! Even with your likely busy schedule, you were open to provide some of your time to come to our College, meet with us personally and do a presentation, and even help me through a 1 on 1 call! I really appreciate our conversation and your insight on business, the personal development areas, and life in general."

Jaye Wahl

Team Member

"Working with Will, I’ve learned his 5 core life system inside and out. I use it daily not only in my own life, but when I’m parenting as well. He has helped my family become more focused on all aspects of our lives and as a result, we are much happier and healthier. Being aware of which cores are being neglected has become almost second nature. I think the biggest way he’s made an impact on me, though, is to let go of the notion I have as a wife and mother that I should feel guilty for taking care of my own emotional and physical health. I’d highly recommend his system to anyone!"

Kendrick Osinaike


"Will and I met via Lyft (he being the rider) and made a connection within 2-3 mins. That’s all the time we had to build rapport because he had work to complete. A few weeks later we met virtually and his insight in the MLM industry was a huge help! Blessed to have met him, look forward to staying connected."

Yohn Diaz


"Will is an amazing human. He was eager to help and didn’t hold anything back. He genuinely cares about giving back. On our coaching call he was present and listened to everything I said. Made me feel understood and then delivers amazing advice. I left the call excited, motivated and ready to take massive action to create momentum."

Kevin Hanes


"Although I initially met Will through 1871, his mentorship and advice has served valuable as a co-founder and CMO navigating the tech startup world. HIs advice to further focus on our customers and develop a niche in the market has helped our team think about specific customer problems, including which ones to tackle. Will maintains a level of enthusiasm and excitement for our team that has served as motivation to move forward, even when the path isn’t totally clear. I absolutely recommend Will for his mentorship and business support."

Kanishka Desai


"I met Will Moore through 1871 incubator, where my startup Qooley is currently a member company. Will and I connected very well over our initial call and he gave me some very valuable insights and channels through which my young startup could grow. Over our next couple meetings, what I really liked about Will is that he’s very easily approachable and easy to get in touch with. He also checks back in with you when he can. This shows that he’s always ready to help and he truly cares about you and your needs. I have had very valuable meetings with Will and I’d love to continue building my relationship with him. I’d highly recommend Will as a professional advisor or mentor."

Micki Meyer


"William Moore came to campus to engage our students and Board of Trustees in a conversation about leadership, career and life planning. He inspired everyone with his authentic words of wisdom and insights. What was most impactful was his ability to connect across generational boundaries and relate to all those he interacted with throughout the day."

Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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