Personal Excellence: How to Make Your Life Truly Legendary

Feb 7, 2024

Do you want to be remembered for living a meaningful and impactful life? Here's how you do it!

Will Moore sits down with Tommy Breedlove, the Wall Street Journal best selling author of “Legendary”.



Tommy Breedlove, a world renowned author and personal development expert, joins forces with Will Moore to dive deep into the realm of personal excellence.


In this enlightening episode, Tommy Breedlove, a world renowned author and personal development expert, joins forces with Will Moore to dive deep into the realm of personal excellence. They explore transformative strategies, tools and habits that lead to a life of fulfillment and personal success.

The conversation kicks off with Breedlove's inspiring journey from overcoming adversity to achieving remarkable success in both his personal and professional life. His experiences emphasize the power of self-improvement techniques and the significance of a growth mindset in shaping one’s destiny.

Will Moore contributes with his insights on the Moore Momentum System, a groundbreaking approach designed to guide individuals toward achieving life goals through actionable habits. Together, they discuss the critical roles of emotional intelligence and making others feel special in fostering stronger, more meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally.

The episode takes a holistic approach to personal development, emphasizing not only career and financial aspirations but also the importance of balancing career and personal growth. Listeners are encouraged to engage in self-development strategies, including daily routines and practices that nurture emotional wellness and personal growth.

As the conversation unfolds, Breedlove and Moore delve into the success habits formation, offering practical tips and personal development plans that listeners can incorporate into their daily lives. From leadership and personal growth to productivity and personal excellence, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking to transform their life and reach new heights of achievement.


1. Starting with Self-Improvement: [Time Stamp: 00:00:00 - 00:02:01]

  • Tommy Breedlove and Will Moore discuss the transformative power of understanding and practicing emotional intelligence. They emphasize its significance in both personal relationships and professional interactions. This segment showcases how emotional intelligence is a cornerstone of Personal Development Plans and Emotional Wellness Techniques.

2. Communicating for Growth: [Time Stamp: 00:02:02 - 00:04:15]

  • The importance of active listening and present communication is highlighted as key for effective communication skills, which are essential in helping individuals level-up in life. This approach to communication is a crucial component of personal excellence.

3. Setting a Foundation for Success: [Time Stamp: 00:04:16 - 00:07:35]

  • This chapter is an inspiring account of overcoming challenges and transforming them into opportunities for growth. It's a practical example of Resilience Building Techniques and Adapting to Challenges for Growth, demonstrating the journey to Personal Excellence and power of gamification.

4. Embracing a Growth Mindset: [Time Stamp: 00:07:36 - 00:10:18]

  • Here, the focus is on the power of mindset in shaping one's path to success. The discussion revolves around Growth Mindset Practices and their influence on personal and professional spheres, highlighting the importance of continuous self-improvement.

5. Developing Personal Excellence Habits: [Time Stamp: 00:10:19 - 00:15:00]

  • This segment dives into daily practices such as gratitude, essential for success habits formation. To understand more about how these habits impact personal excellence, explore The Science of Habits.

6. Living a Legendary Life: [Time Stamp: 00:15:01 - 00:17:41]

  • Tommy discusses the principles that define a legendary life, emphasizing the balance between professional achievements and personal fulfillment. This chapter is a guide to achieving Leadership and Personal Growth through balanced living.

7. Continuous Improvement and Learning: [Time Stamp: 00:17:42 - 00:20:07]

  • The conversation highlights the value of continuous learning and evolving in response to life's challenges. This part aligns with the concept of Continuous Learning for Success, showcasing the journey towards Personal Excellence.

8. Applying Wisdom in Life: [Time Stamp: 00:20:08 - 00:23:00]

  • Focused on the practical application of knowledge and wisdom in everyday life. This chapter resonates with the idea of Practical Steps for Continuous Self-Improvement, emphasizing real-life applications of learned concepts.

9. Creating a Success Routine: [Time Stamp: 00:23:01 - 00:25:54]

  • Discussing the power of daily routines in achieving long-term goals. This part of the podcast encapsulates the essence of Time Management for Personal Success, highlighting the role of structured routines in personal excellence.

10. Final Thoughts and Call to Action: [Time Stamp: 00:25:55 - 00:35:54]

  • The final segment wraps up the discussion with actionable advice and a call to action for listeners. It's an invitation to join the movement towards personal excellence, echoing the podcast's core message.


  1. Embracing Emotional Intelligence for Personal Development:

  2. Effective Communication as a Self-Improvement Technique:

    • Mastering communication skills, including active listening, is essential for Building Strong Relationships and Achieving Life Goals.

  3. Transforming Challenges into Growth Opportunities:

    • Tommy Breedlove's journey illustrates Resilience Building Techniques and adapting to challenges, key elements in the realm of Personal Development Plans.

  4. Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Life Mastery:

    • Adopting Growth Mindset Practices is a transformative approach to Personal Excellence, enabling continuous self-improvement and learning.

  5. Daily Habits for Achieving Personal Excellence:

    • Incorporating habits like gratitude aligns with Success Habits Formation. These routines are foundational to maintaining Wellness and Self-Care for Excellence.

  6. Balancing Professional and Personal Life:

  7. Continuous Learning as a Key to Personal Excellence:

    • The conversation highlights the value of continuous learning and evolving in response to life's challenges, which can be effectively tracked and managed using modern health tech apps geared toward wellness.

  8. Wisdom Application in Personal Excellence:

    • Applying learned principles in practical scenarios is crucial. This practice is a cornerstone of Self-Development Strategies and Leadership and Personal Growth.

  9. Routines for Productivity and Personal Excellence:

    • Establishing structured routines is vital for Time Management for Personal Success, facilitating focused and effective progress towards personal goals.

  10. Active Engagement in Personal Growth Journey:

    • Encouraging listeners to take proactive steps, as highlighted in the question, "How to Maintain Consistency in Pursuing Personal Excellence?" is key to continuous self-improvement.



  • A 'golden habit' is a personalized habit crafted to effortlessly convert challenges and bad habits into positive, momentum-building routines. These habits are custom-tailored to fit an individual's unique personality, goals, and lifestyle, serving as a cornerstone for Personal Excellence.


  1. WANT to do: Ensuring the habit is fun and rewarding, making it an appealing part of daily life.

  2. CAN do: Fits easily into existing routines/life, reducing friction and resistance to adoption.

  3. Will be EFFECTIVE: Likely to have a large impact on well-being, enhancing both personal and professional growth.


  • In the episode, the concept of 'full presence listening' was highlighted as a golden habit. It demonstrates exceptional Emotional Wellness Techniques, fostering deeper connections in relationships.

    A) UNDERLYING PAIN POINT/CHALLENGE: - The habit addresses the challenge of superficial connections and poor communication in personal and professional relationships.

    B) RELATED CORE: - Aligns with the "Relationship Core" and "Mindset Core," emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence in personal interactions.

    C) WHAT MAKES THIS A GOLDEN HABIT: - This habit stands out due to its simplicity and profound impact on interpersonal dynamics, making it an excellent example of Leadership and Personal Growth.


1. Challenge of Superficial Connections

  • Golden Habit Suggestion: Engaging in deep and meaningful conversations. This addresses the pain point by fostering authentic connections, a practice aligned with Building Strong Relationships.

2. Balancing Career Ambitions with Personal Development

  • Golden Habit Suggestion: Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life. This habit helps in achieving a harmonious balance, essential for Balancing Career and Personal Growth.

3. Overcoming Fear of Failure

  • Golden Habit Suggestion: Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. This mindset shift is crucial for developing Resilience Building Techniques.

4. Maintaining Consistency in Personal Excellence

  • Golden Habit Suggestion: Creating a structured daily routine that prioritizes personal goals. This aligns with the concept of What Does a Daily Routine for Personal Excellence Look Like?

5. Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

  • Golden Habit Suggestion: Practicing empathy and active listening in all interactions. This habit significantly contributes to Emotional Wellness Techniques.


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Introducing Tommy Breedlove:

Meet Tommy Breedlove, a distinguished speaker, coach, and Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of Legendary. His journey from overcoming adversity to achieving significant success in the financial and personal development spheres is nothing short of inspiring. Tommy's mission is to empower individuals to build and live a legendary life, focusing on success, relationships, accountability and personal growth. His story is a testament to the power of Resilience Building Techniques and Leadership and Personal Growth.


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