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4. Best of Relationships Core 2019 - Q1 2020 with Will Moore Founder of Doorstep Delivery & Moore Momentum

Dec 7, 2019

Best of Relationships Core 2019 - Q1 2020 with Will Moore Founder of Doorstep Delivery & Moore Momentum

4. This episode compiles the best relationships episodes from Will Moore's YouTube series: 5 Core Fridays.


Creating and maintaining deep, fulfilled relationships and gaining allies to help you achieve your goals.

3 main types of relationships:- Colleagues/acquaintances/strangers- People you have limited interaction with throughout the day, but have the opportunity to create bonds that will help propel both of you forward in life.- Friends and family

  • Those in your inner circle that you trust, rely on in tough times, and can rely on you.

    Significant other- If you don’t have one, I will help you figure out what it takes to have them lining up at the door.- If you do have one, it’s figuring out how to grow TOGETHER vs. apart.

  • There are success habits that apply to all three. For example:- Active listening vs. waiting for your turn to talk.- Looking the other in the eye and being empathetic.- Genuinely being interested in them and being supportive.

  • And success habits to develop for each. For example, with your significant other, are you on the same team (don’t let ego get in the way, support each other, and have each other’s backs)? An example with friends & family: are you just clicking “like” on a social media post? Or are you proactively reaching out to meet up in person with those you care about in your area, and have meaningful phone calls with those who are out of the area?

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