25. Nine Figure Exit to Living Your Best Life with Will Moore - Silicon Alley Podcast Feature

Jun 29, 2020

Nine Figure Exit to Living Your Best Life with Will Moore - Silicon Alley Podcast Feature



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25. In this episode of 5 Core Life, Will Moore is interviewed on the Silicon Alley Podcast by host William Glass. Will discusses how being a misfit as a kid led him to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, leading him to start a successful student rental business out of college. During the mid-2000s real estate boom, Will quit a lucrative sales job to start Doorstep Delivery. Ultimately, the company sold for $330 Million in 2019. Now, Will is sharing the secret to his success: The 5 Core Life.

Are you ready to fire on all cylinders? Let's go!

About the Silicon Alley Podcast & William Glass

William Glass is a FinTech entrepreneur whose mission is improving financial well-being globally. As founder & CEO of his company, Ostrich, William’s mobile app addresses financial literacy deficits by creating social community and accountability around money - think saving & investing with friends.

In addition, William hosts the Silicon Alley Podcast, providing a platform for entrepreneurs from all industries and backgrounds to tell their stories. William owns rental property and was a successful tech sales rep before starting his own business. He was also a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand. William is originally from Alabama, now residing in New York City.

Connect with William on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/williampglass3

Learn more about Ostrich at www.getostrich.com and follow on social media @TheOstrichApp

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, check out the Silicon Alley Podcast www.siliconalleypodcast.com


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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