Gamify Your Habits To Level Up Your Life

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Your Mission: Save Yourself To Save The World.

Harness the principles that have proven themselves not only in our galaxy, but across the entire universe. Then bring them back to earth to save the human race from self-annihilation.

The pilot of your own rocket ship, each one of your cores are the thrusters of your life's engine. The Moore Momentum you're able to build and balance in each core, the more planets, galaxies, and aliens you'll encounter on your way to firing on all cylinders.

Ready to fire on all cylinders?

Put Your Momentum on Autopilot

Ok, so the system is stacked against you. Instead of playing the victim and letting it have its way with you, why not step into the pilot seat as a growth owner. Changing your habits won't be easy - the best games never are, but good news is that it's a front loaded process that will enable your new habits to build momentum the same way the old ones were creating friction.

As you level up on screen, you'll also level up in real life!

Game Screen Storage

Game Screen Dashboard
Alien With Tentacles

The Dashboard to Control your Life.

As you progress you'll unlock dashboard items that help you build awareness of yourself and the world around you. As you gain clarity in what makes you tick, you'll start to see the wormholes that have been there along, and will step through them to uncover the hidden treasures of the universe.

Upgrade Your Life As You Upgrade Your Ship

You start-off unable to lift off from earth, but as you slowly replace your failure habits with success habits in all five cores, you'll begin to break earth's gravitational pull.

The Moore Momentum and space credits you're able to acquire, the more you can upgrade your ship and uncover hidden surprises - allowing you to explore the far reaches of the universe, fend off dangerous asteroid fields, and uncover hidden rewards.

Game Screen Storage

Game Screen Profile
Red Alien

See How You Stack Up To The Rest Of The Universe

Show off your upgraded rocket and the momentum you've built. Compete against others on side quests and/or collaborate on the same cores/habits you're working on to improve your chances of universal domination!


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Game Home Screen

Additional Benefits of the App

External Trigger

For action to occur, it requires a trigger. Doing must be easier than thinking.

Built-In Accountability Partner

Let's be honest, accountability sucks. We'd much rather eat cheese puffs and binge watch Game Of Thrones. But every person, or alien, who's ever achieved greatness has one.

Self-Awareness Magnifier

Shine a big ol' spotlight on your life so those failure habits have nowhere to hide. You'll be amazed at the life you're actually leading vs the one you thought you were.

Life Organizer

A one stop shop to keep track of the elements of your life that contribute most to your happiness, and revisit/add to them whenever you'd like. Ex's include your strengths, passions, and goals.

Rewards That Are Beamed Into The Real World

You'll love checking in and reporting how things are going to quench your curiosity of what comes next, and every reward you get on screen translates off as well.

Incremental Progression System

When we try to make too many changes all at once we get overwhelmed and fail. But start small and improve 1% every day and you'll hardly even realize how much you're growing.

Auto Routine Builder

Habits are most effective when they work with other habits to form routines. Our morning, afternoon, and evening routines are what will determine our overall momentum.


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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