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Jan 10, 2024



Discover the key to personal success with our unique personal success plan. Unlock effective strategies, leveraging technology & behavioral science for growth


Today, we're diving into Claudia Garbutt's incredible journey, a true trailblazer who went from being a molecular biologist to a top-notch mindset and high-performance coach. Claudia's story is all about turning dreams into reality, showing us the magic of blending the right mindset with tech-smart habits for personal success.

She's got the lowdown on how combining behavioral science with technology can lead to real, lasting success. Claudia turns habit change into something fun, rewarding, and totally doable, offering a roadmap for anyone ready to take their success to the next level.

Throughout this chat, Claudia drops gems of wisdom for go-getters and entrepreneurs, focusing on custom-tailored habit building. She share different examples of personal success. She's all about making the journey to your goals fun by using tech to find success and make good habits stick. But it's not just about hitting targets; Claudia's advice is a holistic guide to thriving in health, relationships overall success, and happiness.

As the brains behind the Health Tech Collective, she's leading the charge in weaving success principles into entrepreneurship. Her savvy in dodging business pitfalls with style and smart planning gives listeners a wealth of tips and ideas for aligning their ventures with their deepest values.

If personal success is what you're after, you can't miss this episode. Claudia Garbutt lights the way for mastering the choppy seas of personal and professional development with tech-savvy habits. Let's get inspired by Claudia's wisdom and kickstart a journey of self discipline and transformation.


  • Introduction to Claudia Garbutt (00:12-01:32): Claudia Garbutt, who swapped her lab coat for a coach's hat, is here to chat about her cool switch from molecular biology to mindset coaching. She's all about using tech and the science of behavior to make big changes in both life and work. Claudia's big on turning the chore of changing habits into something fun and doable.

  • Journey Through Adversity (01:39-06:06): Claudia opens up about a tough chapter when she was diagnosed with leukemia at 28, a moment that shook her world. This tough time turned into a wake-up call, teaching her to really tune into what her body was saying and to make some big life shifts. She talks about how facing this huge health and mental battle sparked a deep personal transformation.

  • Principles of Success (06:11-10:08): Exploring what principles contribute to personal and professional success, Claudia emphasizes mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs. She illustrates how adopting a growth mindset and challenging one's self-doubt are crucial steps toward achieving personal success.

  • Leveraging Technology for Habit Formation (10:09-14:09): Claudia delves into the use of technology to gamify habit formation, making the pursuit of personal success engaging. She shares insights on technology-driven habits as a secret to maintaining motivation and consistency in personal development efforts.

  • Creating a Plan for Personal Success (14:10-18:16): Focusing on creating a plan for personal success, Claudia discusses the importance of personalized habit formation and the role of community support. She highlights her Health Tech Collective initiative as a platform for entrepreneurs to find guidance and collaboration.

  • Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges (18:17-22:22): Claudia offers strategies for entrepreneurs to navigate obstacles and build successful businesses. Discussing different examples of personal success, she advises on adapting to change, prioritizing well-being, and using setbacks as stepping stones for growth.

  • Mindfulness and Running as Transformational Habits (22:23-28:29): Claudia tells us about a cool twist in her personal growth journeyβ€”mixing mindfulness with her love for running. This combo has been a major win for her, helping cut down stress, boost her concentration, and deepen her sense of feeling good and grounded.

  • The Impact of Social Connectivity on Success (28:30-34:35): Highlighting the critical role of social connectivity, Claudia discusses how forming meaningful relationships, deep connections, and building a supportive community can significantly impact personal and professional success. She emphasizes the power of networking, mentorship, and collaboration in accomplishing one's goals.

πŸ”‘ KEY TAKEAWAYS - Personal Success

  • Harnessing Technology for Habit Formation: Leveraging digital tools and apps can significantly enhance the process of building and tracking habits, making it more efficient and effective.

  • The Interplay of Mindset and Habits: A growth-oriented mindset is crucial for successful habit formation. Beliefs and attitudes significantly influence our ability to develop and maintain productive habits.

  • Overcoming Personal and Professional Challenges: Claudia's journey teaches us the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, both in personal life and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Strategies for Effective Habit Development: Techniques like habit stacking and temptation bundling are powerful tools for creating sustainable habits that align with personal goals and lifestyles.

  • The Importance of Personalized Habit Formation: Tailoring habits to individual preferences, strengths, and life circumstances is key to their success and longevity.

  • Mindfulness in Habit Formation: Integrating mindfulness into daily routines enhances focus and effectiveness, leading to more meaningful and productive habits.

  • Balancing Technology and Personal Development: While technology is a powerful tool for habit formation, it's essential to maintain a balance to ensure overall well-being and personal growth.

  • The Role of Gamification in Motivation: Employing gamification strategies can make habit formation more engaging and enjoyable, increasing the likelihood of long-term success.

  • Adapting to Changing Circumstances: Flexibility in habit formation and the ability to adapt to new situations are critical skills for continuous personal development and success.

  • Claudia's Golden Habit – Running as Active Meditation: Claudia's example of using running as a form of active meditation illustrates how a single habit can have multiple benefits, including stress relief, mental clarity, and physical health.



A 'golden habit' is a personalized habit crafted to effortlessly convert challenges and bad habits into positive, momentum-building routines, custom-tailored to fit an individual's unique personality, goals, and lifestyle.


  • WANT to do: Fun and rewarding.

  • CAN do: Fits easily into existing routines/life.

  • Will be EFFECTIVE: Likely to have a large impact on well-being.


  • Running as Active Meditation: Claudia's adoption of running, not just as a physical exercise but as a form of active meditation and learning.

    • A) UNDERLYING PAIN POINT/CHALLENGE: Addressing stress management and the need for mental clarity.

    • B) RELATED CORE: Aligns with the "Physical Health Core" of the Moore Momentum System.

    • C) WHAT MAKES THIS A GOLDEN HABIT: The habit is enjoyable (running while listening to audiobooks/podcasts), fits Claudia's lifestyle as a busy professional and mother, and effectively contributes to her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


  • Struggle with Consistent Exercise

    • Golden Habit Suggestion: Integrating enjoyable physical activities like team sports or outdoor adventures that combine exercise with social interaction or personal interests.

  • Challenges in Balancing Work and Personal Life

    • Golden Habit Suggestion: Implementing structured routines with clear boundaries between work and personal time, utilizing digital tools for time management.

  • Overcoming Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

    • Golden Habit Suggestion: Employing techniques like the Pomodoro Technique or habit stacking, where small, manageable tasks are aligned with more enjoyable activities.

  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

    • Golden Habit Suggestion: Regular mindfulness practices such as meditation or yoga, possibly using apps that guide and track progress.

  • Difficulty in Adapting to New Technologies

    • Golden Habit Suggestion: Gradual integration of technology into daily routines, starting with user-friendly apps and gradually exploring more advanced tools.


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πŸ«… BIO

Claudia Garbutt: A Trailblazer in Mindset and High-Performance Coaching

Claudia Garbutt stands at the forefront of integrating technology with personal development. Starting out in molecular biology, Claudia's path to becoming a mindset and high-performance coach is truly inspiring. She's got this deep dive understanding of the brain and its capacity to grow and evolve.

As a forward-thinking coach, Claudia's all about empowering ambitious entrepreneurs to use tech and the science of behavior to build game-changing habits. Her focus? It's not just about nailing professional goals; it's about the positive impact and creating a well-rounded life where health, relationships, and happiness get top billing alongside career wins.

Her podcast, "Wired for Success," is where she drops knowledge bombs and chats with top experts, giving her audience a treasure trove of advice. Claudia lives by the mantra of never stopping learning, always pushing for self-improvement, positive thinking, and the magic that comes from smart habit-building.

Thanks to her knack for blending science with fun in habit formation, Claudia's become a go-to guru in the personal development and entrepreneurship space.


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