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What Are My Core Values Quiz:

Level Up in the Game of Life

**LEVEL 1: Unlock Your Core Strategy:

This core values quiz is your launchpad, designed to help you identify your current standings in the Five Areas of Life directly tied to happiness and fulfillment.

HONESTY is your best strategy here—the more brutally honest you are, the more value and clarity you'll unlock.

Mission Briefing: What This Core Values Quiz Unlocks

Welcome, player, to the ultimate journey of self-discovery and mastery in the game of life. With endless paths and challenges ahead, your core values serve as your true north star, guiding you through life's challenges and decisions with clarity and confidence.

This personal values assessment isn't just a one-off time waster, but instead the beginning of a purposeful quest to harness your inner strengths, passions, and personal values, setting the stage for a life rich with achievement and satisfaction.

Your Quest Objectives:

  • Learn Life’s Key Areas: Knowledge is power. Discover the 5 Core Areas of Life scientifically correlated to your happiness.
  • Become Aware of Where You Stand: Get a baseline for the personal core valuescurrently propelling your forward, and which ones you'll want to address ASAP in all 5 Cores.
  • Launch to Level 2: Post-quiz, get a sneak peek at the next level, where gamification turns the journey of self-improvement into an adventure you're eager to continue.

The Power of Knowing Your Core Values

Discovering your core values is akin to unlocking a master key in the vast game of life. It equips you with the insight and foresight to navigate life's levels strategically, ensuring every decision, every challenge, and every triumph resonates deeply and meaningfully with your true self.

Power-Ups Gained From Understanding Your Core Values:

  • Clarity and Focus: Cut through the noise of daily distractions and societal pressures, honing in on what truly matters to you.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Stand at life's crossroads with confidence, making choices that resonate with your deepest beliefs.
  • Resilience and Stability: Ground yourself with unwavering principles that offer support and direction, even amidst turmoil.
  • Personal Growth: Embark on a journey of self-direction that is meaningful, directed, and infinitely rewarding.
  • Balanced Life: Achieve harmony across the essential areas of life, fostering holistic well-being and happiness.

How Your Core Values Influence Your 5 Core Areas Of Life

Understanding how your personal values interact with the Five Core Areas is crucial to mastering the game of life. By identifying and enhancing these distinct values, you effectively upgrade your belief system, which in turn influences the actions you take daily. This strategic alignment is key to replacing 'failure habits' with 'success habits' across all areas and accomplishing your goals.

This all ties into the "Equation Of Life:"

Equation of Life

5 Core Areas of Life:

  • Mindset: Explore the environment of your thoughts and attitudes–Are they fostering growth or holding you back?
  • Career and Finances: Gauge your professional fulfillment and financial stability—are they aligned with your ultimate quest?
  • Relationships: Evaluate your alliances—are they strengthening or hindering your journey?
  • Physical Health: Take stock of your body's well-being–is it being nurtured or neglected?
  • Emotional & Mental Health: Understand your emotional and mental landscape—how well are you navigating its complexities?

Your core values are more than just personality traits; they're your cheat codes to unlock levels of fulfillment, clarity, and resilience beyond your imagination. Expertssuggest that understanding personal values is crucial as they help make decisions, guide careers, and lead to a happier life.

Shining a spotlight on what matters most paves the way for upgrading your belief system, behavior and actions, setting you on a path to conquer all Five Cores.

As you build momentum, you'll launch towards discovering all that life has to offer, fully prepared to implement the Moore Momentum System for a personalized journey of growth, development, and discovery.

*Launch Sequence Activated


Initiate your ascent by taking the free quiz now. Gain that crucial burst of momentum needed to break free from gravity's pull and embark on your epic journey to uncover all the universe has to offer.

Ready Player One? Your adventure starts now.

FAQs: What Are My Core Values Quiz

1. What is a Core Values Quiz?

This personal values quiz is an assessment tool designed to help individuals understand how their personal values influence their world in order to determine the changes needed to create a new one.

2. How does understanding my personal values benefit me?

Understanding your personal values offers numerous benefits, including improved decision-making, enhanced personal growth, and greater resilience and stability. It helps you navigate life's challenges with confidence, ensuring your actions and choices are aligned with your deepest beliefs and core values.

3. What areas of life does the quiz cover?

The quiz explores the Five Core Areas of Life: 1) Mindset, 2) Career and Finances, 3) Relationships, 4) Physical Health, and 5) Emotional & Mental Health. It provides insights into how your core values impact each of these areas, helping you discover your genuine motivations and guiding principles.

4. How long does the quiz take to complete?

The quiz is designed to be both thorough and efficient, requiring only a few minutes to complete. We value your time and aim to provide meaningful insights without taking up too much of it.

5. How can I use my quiz results?

Your quiz results offer a personal values assessment that highlights your strongest core values. Use these insights to move to "Level 2" where you'll gain an even deeper understanding of the pain points holding you back, and the gamified methods to overcome them.

6. Can this Core Values Index help with career decisions?

Absolutely. By clarifying your core values, the quiz will act as a values guide to making decisions that align with your passions, purpose, and long-term goals.

7. Will taking the quiz improve my relationships?

Yes, understanding your core values can significantly enhance your relationships by helping you communicate your needs and expectations more clearly, fostering deeper connections, and aligning your social interactions with your values.

8. What if I'm unsure about my answers to some of the questions?

It's natural to feel uncertain at times. We encourage you to answer as honestly as possible but remember, the journey of personal developmentis ongoing. Your core values may evolve, and you can retake the free quiz anytime to reflect these changes.

9. Where can I find more resources on personal development and living according to my core values?

After completing the quiz, we invite you to explore our free E-book with some starter tools to laser focus your personal development and self-direction, This will help you with those initial important decisions that align with your values.

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Ready to discover the core values that define you? Take the test and the quiz today and step into a life where every decision, every action, and every moment is infused with purpose and meaning.

Let's make change fun, one insightful discovery at a time.


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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