31. Learning What You're Made of and Building Gratitude Into Your Life

Jul 29, 2020


Learning What You're Made of and Building Gratitude Into Your Life

31. Learning What You're Made of and Building Gratitude Into Your Life



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31. In this episode of 5 Core Life, Will Moore sits down with special guest Mike “C-roc” Ciorrocco. Mike shares his story about having a wealthy father and a loving but poor mother that created an unhealthy environment to grow up in. At age 11, Mike decided to stop living with his dad. Upset, his dad threw a $100 bill at him and told Mike that he'll need that when he's living on the streets with his mom. That set him on fire to prove him wrong, and to help other people who feel broken. Mike now runs a successful loan company and discusses the culture of gratitude, accountability, and the importance of building up people. This is a great interview for an entrepreneur or someone looking to develop greater leadership skills, bring more gratitude, or add more accountability into their life.

Are you ready to fire on all cylinders? Let's go!

MORE ABOUT Mike "C-roc" Ciorrocco:

C-Roc is the CEO of People Building, Inc. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. As Founder of the What Are You Made Of? Movement and host of the hit podcast, What Are You Made Of? with Mike C-Roc, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to use setbacks as rocket fuel for their comeback.

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