94. You CAN be Happy with Taylor Rochestie, the Happiness Expert

Mar 12, 2021

You CAN be Happy with Taylor Rochestie, the Happiness Expert



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94. In this episode of 5 Core Life, host Will Moore sits down with Taylor Rochestie: professional basketball player and happiness expert. Taylor@trochestie shares how you can be happy and the keys to becoming happier. You'll also learn about how to get in the “zone” in sports (and stay there) or as some call it, "achieving flow." To cap it all off, you'll learn the TRUE definition of “success.”

Are you firing on all cylinders? If so, then let's go!

Taylor Rochestie:

Taylor Rochestie is a professional athlete who's traveled the world playing basketball for 12 years. Taylor is also an author, speaker, husband, and father. Having lived in 12 countries, immersing himself in local cultures and learning about the diversity of life's "truths" has become a passion of his. Applying a positive filter to all that he encounters, Taylor is unwavering in optimism and powered with a purposeful voice to inspire positivity and happiness. His new book, A New 20/20 Vision is a roadmap on finding your happiness in spite of all that happened in 2020, and serves as an inspiration to create positive change in yourself and the world.

Book pre-order: https://www.taylorrochestie.com/anew2020vision

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trochestie/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaylorRochestie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trochestie


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