51. How to Develop Habits that Change Your Life: Building Psychological Strength Podcast

Oct 18, 2020

How to Develop Habits that Change Your Life: Building Psychological Strength Podcast



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51. In this episode of the 5 Core Life, Will Moore is interviewed on the Building Psychological Strength Podcast by April Seifert. People are increasingly seeing the benefits of building resilience, building confidence, building mental toughness and flexibility, and moving past fear and anxiety in their lives. April Seifert, Ph.D., hosts the Building Psychological Strength Podcast that helps you build psychological strength through interviews and information from some of the world's leading experts in the fields of Psychology and Life Design. It's time to go beyond merely surviving. It's time to thrive!

In this episode, April & Will talk about:

  • What habits are and what they aren’t

  • Some common misconceptions about habits

  • 5 core areas of your life that you develop habits around and why each one is so important to your outcome.

Are you ready to fire on all cylinders? If so, let's go!

This episode originally aired on September 2nd, 2020


April holds a Ph.D. in Social Cognitive Psychology. She has spent over a decade studying how our minds store information, form habitual and subconscious thought processes, and how all of that impacts our behavior and our life experience.

The Blog: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com

The Podcast: https://www.peakmindpsychology.com/blog/0189


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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