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223. 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, Dr. Taryn Marie

Nov 22, 2022

How do you become a highly resilient person? 

Dr. Taryn Marie shares the 5 practices of highly resilient people which she developed from interviewing hundreds of leaders.

How do you become a highly resilient person? 

Dr. Taryn Marie shares the 5 practices of highly resilient people which she developed from interviewing hundreds of leaders. 

Together Will and Dr. Taryn cover “ALL THE THINGS” that will allow you to propel your mindset and happiness. The most important step is vulnerability, and how to relive the burden of living two lives - one internal and one external - and how to sync them up.

Lastly they discuss fun ways to gamify your habits using methods such as scheduling and habit stacking.

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Guest Bio:

Dr. Taryn Marie has interviewed hundreds of people and reviewed thousands of pieces of data to guide others in effectively facing challenge, change, and complexity in both leadership and life. She is the Founder and Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of Resilience Leadership Institute (RLI), and she is recognized #1 international expert on resilience, mental health, and wellbeing. RLI’s mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2030 through sharing the practices of resilience that not only enhancing hope, healing, and health, they create enhanced leadership skill and consciousness.

Dr. Taryn's top 3 habits she's developed in her life and how she's gamified them. 

1. Fitness - I've developed a scorecard, point systems, and process for meeting my health goals

2. Cooking for my family once per week - we vote on menus, order ingredients online, and track the best meals

3. Authenticity and vulnerability - I focus on making one at least one authentic connection per day

Guest Website: www.resilience-leadership.com

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