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153. How to Guarantee Awesome Relationships (both personal and professional) | Jeff Kallil

151. In How to Guarantee Awesome Relationships, host Will Moore sits down with Jeff Kallil (@jeffkallil), to discuss how to build relationships in your personal and professional life. Jeff and Will get into some fun topics like what it means to be ABG, having no shame in your game for seeking out help to become the best version of yourself, and how to guarantee awesome relationships (personal and business).

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My #1 mission in life is to help you become the best version of YOURself so you can, in turn, pay it forward to make the world the best version of ITself.

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Jeff Kallil Bio:

Jeff has a passion for people. He believes that people are capable of so much when they are clear on what they want, why they want, and how to deflect the inevitable roadblocks that come their way.

He has a gift to see them for who they are becoming, and believes all one needs are the necessary tools to get there.

Jeff believes success begins and ends with relationships. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself (self-awareness); followed by, the relationships you have with others (empathy + compassion).

Learn more at: www.jeffkallil.com

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