WILL Moore

Will Moore
Will’s speaking centers around his mission of gamifying your happiness so that it becomes fun and addictive to level up your life!
Rollins College “Champions Award” Speech


“Mr. Moore has done an incredible job of aggregating some of the most critical and useful tools related to personal development into actionable steps. Moore Momentum, has the power to help individuals grow while saving time and money. It’s perfect for this current world we live in where there’s so much false info out there and nobody has the time or patience to go out and read a ton of self-help books that may or may not help.

Will has been a great person to have one-on-one discussions with. He is very personable, eager to make a difference, and ultimately wants everyone to gain more momentum in their lives. I would highly encourage everyone to look into the Moore Momentum program.”


“I met Will about 6 months ago through a program at my University were I was put in the role of a mentee & Will was my mentor. Someone who was struggling to find himself, and the direction in which my life was heading, I called upon Will for answers. Through the thick & the thin Will had my back. He used his five cores to really connect with me which resulted in me understanding what it really takes to be the best version of myself. I have used all that I have learned through Will in various job interviews, conversations with friends, and conversations with family. I truly believe that what Will is preaching and trying to get this world to understand, is extremely useful and can help any person become a better version of themselves, which as Will puts it so elegantly, will help the world become a better version of itself!



“Mr. Moore and I met through his alma mater and my current college Rollins College. There, a simple 15 minute conversation blossomed into a mutual mentorship that has provided me with validation of my mission to success and living, what I now consider to be, a 5 Core Life. His background and proven success have shown me a template that is both effective and exciting in any facet of business. Mr. Moore is more than just an entrepreneur with an intense desire to be successful, he is also a patient mentor and caring individual. In a world of texts, tweets, and constant distraction, it’s incredible to see a figure that continues to be successful with the winning attributes that have made some of the greatest businessmen in history.”
Will Moore, founder of “The Momentum Movement,” is a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, life coach and happiness expert.

​ The first half of Will’s life was a real struggle, but an “aha” moment that led to what he refers to as his “rock-bottom-bounce” helped him truly understand what it means to be an owner of his life vs a victim. Determined to reinvent himself, he developed an insatiable appetite for improving himself and has never looked back.

​ Will first tackled the business side of life. He started a company to address a huge need he saw in being able to get quality restaurants delivered. Doorstep Delivery went on to be the fastest growing Restaurant Delivery Service in the southeast U.S. You’re now probably more familiar with names like Uber, Grub Hub, and Door Dash, but he and his partners were not only in first, but were able to make a successful exit. For more info on the exit: Click Here

​ Will credits his financial success with incorporating not just business and financial principles, but ALL the principles he’s learned since his rock-bottom-bounce. In this time he definitively concluded that everyone has just five main areas, or CORES, of their life that make up their overall happiness. Career & Finances are one of the cores, and the others are your Mindset, Relationships, Physical Health, and Emotional Health & Giving Back. Continually building momentum, and finding balance in, will lead to maximum potential and happiness.

Will’s #1 mission in life now is to use these 5 cores to help people become the best version of THEMselves, to in turn pay it forward to help the world become the best version of ITself.

​ The 1st piece of “The Momentum Movement” is a book Will has spent the last 25 years developing. It incorporates the best of the best of the immutable principles he’s learned along the way in each of the five cores, helping the reader understand what it takes to fire on all cylinders. He’s essentially giving people a way to “skip the line” of having to figure out what information to focus on to help become one’s best self. ​

The 2nd piece tackles the elephant in the room with personal development. The initial excitement and enthusiasm to change one’s life almost always goes out the window because they don’t have a system to effectively incorporate the info into their lives. The app will combine the latest in science and technology to make self- improvement fun and addictive. The core notion is to help the user stop the failure habits in each of the five core areas of their life, and replace them with success habits. It will incorporate a gamified experience to make sure that when the user levels up on screen, they’re also leveling up in real life! ​

At the end of the day, Will considers his most important role to be a good dad to his two sons, Wyatt and Emmett, and leaving better for them, to inherit and spread his legacy. ​

Will’s book and app are slated for a 2020 release.


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The Momentum Movement App
coming soon
The Momentum Movement App
coming soon

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