From Anxiety to Entrepreneurship: Samantha Skelly's Breathwork Revolution

Jul 9, 2024

In How Breathing Transforms Your Habits and Happiness, host Will Moore sits down with Samantha Skelly, to discuss using your breath to improve your life. Samantha Skelly shares what it means to use your breathing to transform your habits and how to approach breathing.



Discover the power of breathwork with Samantha Skelly. Learn how this practice can transform your life, from managing anxiety to unlocking your full potential.

✍️ Episode Overview

In this episode, host Will Moore interviews Samantha Skelly, founder of Pause Breathwork. They discuss the importance of breathwork for mental and physical wellbeing, and how it can be a powerful tool for personal transformation. Samantha shares her journey from struggling with anxiety and disordered eating to becoming a breathwork expert and entrepreneur. They explore the science behind breathwork, its potential to regulate the nervous system, and its applications in various settings, from corporate environments to personal development.

The conversation touches on the shortcomings of traditional education in teaching essential life skills, the value of discipline and self-integrity, and the power of having a compelling vision for one's future. Samantha introduces her breathwork app and certification program, emphasizing the accessibility and effectiveness of breathwork techniques for everyone. The episode concludes with practical advice on how listeners can incorporate breathwork into their daily lives and the different types of breathwork practices available.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. The Power of Breathwork: Breathwork is a powerful tool for managing anxiety, regulating the nervous system, and achieving mental clarity. It can lead to profound personal transformation and healing, often more quickly than traditional methods.

  2. Education System Shortcomings: The current education system often fails to teach essential life skills such as emotional regulation, financial management, and interpersonal relationships. There's a growing need for innovation in education to address these gaps.

  3. Entrepreneurial Approach to Wellness: Samantha's journey from struggling with personal issues to founding a breathwork company illustrates how passion and personal experience can drive entrepreneurial success in the wellness industry.

  4. Technology and Wellness Integration: The development of the Pause Breathwork app demonstrates how technology can be leveraged to make wellness practices more accessible and integrate them into daily life.

  5. Discipline and Self-Integrity: Maintaining self-integrity through consistent habits and following through on personal commitments is crucial for building self-trust and achieving long-term goals.

  6. Vision-Driven Personal Development: Having a compelling vision for one's future self can serve as a powerful motivator for maintaining positive habits and making choices aligned with long-term goals.

  7. Different Types of Breathwork: There are various types of breathwork practices, including integrative and meditative styles, each serving different purposes from relaxation to deep healing and personal transformation.

  8. Breathwork's Universal Appeal: Breathwork can be effective for a wide range of people, regardless of background or beliefs, as it doesn't require convincing or a specific mindset to experience benefits.

  9. Emotional Release and Wellbeing: Allowing oneself to experience and express emotions fully, including crying, is important for overall wellbeing and can be facilitated through breathwork practices.

  10. Personal Authority in Wellness Practices: When engaging in breathwork or other wellness practices, it's important to listen to one's body and trust personal instincts, even when following guided instructions.


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🫅 BIO - Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is a visionary entrepreneur, breathwork expert, and the founder of Pause Breathwork. Her journey began over a decade ago when she discovered the transformative power of breathwork while struggling with chronic anxiety and disordered eating. This personal experience ignited a passion that led her to become a student and eventually a leader in the field of breathwork.

With a mission to teach the world to breathe, Samantha has dedicated her life to making breathwork accessible to everyone. She has developed a unique curriculum that combines various breathwork techniques, creating a powerful methodology for healing and personal growth. Her innovative approach has touched the lives of thousands, from individuals seeking personal transformation to corporate professionals looking to enhance their performance and wellbeing.

Samantha is the creator of the Pause Breathwork app, which offers on-demand breathwork sessions, and a comprehensive breathwork facilitator certification program. As a sought-after speaker and trainer, she has shared her expertise at numerous conferences and events worldwide.

Beyond her work in breathwork, Samantha is passionate about entrepreneurship and empowering others to turn their challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Her work continues to inspire and transform lives, one breath at a time.


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