The Secret For How To Develop a Growth Mindset using different Growth Mindset Activities For Preschool.

The Trick to Develop a Growth Mindset - The Growth Mindset Activities For Preschool

Aug 29, 2023

By Will Moore

“It's our time down here” Don't recognize that quote? I'll give you an easier hint:“Goonies never say die!” 

The Goonies has got to be one of my favorite movies ever! It's filled with adventure, danger, and hidden treasures. That was little Will's biggest dream back in 1985. While I do still love the thrill of it all, what I love about The Goonies now is what it can teach us.

Haven't seen it? First off, get as far away from me as possible (kidding, kidding). The movie follows a group of kids who find an old treasure map in the attic of their house—which they are about to lose thanks to a developing company attempting to replace it with a country club.

The kids follow the map and encounter booby traps and other dangers to find a forgotten pirate ship. They also end up meeting a character named Sloth, who teaches you not to judge a book by its cover. 

This movie is an absolute classic for lots of reasons—it includes pirates, a cool group of characters, and an unforgettable adventure. But what truly makes it great is that the kids believe in the unbelievable. 

They chase after a relic hoping to find gold and discover impossible wonder, but they never stop believing. 

They believe that by setting a goal, they can reach it regardless of any hurdles in their path. They know how to develop a growth mindset because they already have. The adults in the film don't believe anymore, but the kids can use their mindset to push through to find the truth. 

Maybe we all just need to start doing the truffle shuffle, just like Chunk. If we do that, maybe we can begin to understand just how to develop a growth mindset. 

Just like in The Goonies, adults in our world have lost their spark. 

Because they've grown up, they've stopped believing they can influence the impossible. Kids have that belief naturally. My son, Wyatt, is one of those kids. He's only a toddler, but he's definitely not giving in to victim culture

Though he's never had to learn how to develop a growth mindset, he's got it downpat. He goes through his days just living happily. He strives to find joy and sets small goals without even considering them, like not walking on cracks in the sidewalk or playing with a toy. He doesn't lay around worrying about how or when to do things. He just does them. 

So, Are You Ready To Learn How To Develop a Growth Mindset?

It's hard sometimes as an adult to feel some of that magic you felt as a kid. But, just like The Goonies, you can go from being stuck as victims of the universe to having a growth-owner mindset.

We go through life trying to fit in with society. Our friends, family, coworkers, and so many others all affect the way we live our lives. But, just like some of us, they've lost touch with their growth mindsets. 

They aren't trying to keep you in a victim loop, but those mindsets can seep into your own easily when you've lost the sparkle you felt as a kid. So, how do you remove that cycle of doubt and disbelief to learn how to develop a growth mindset?

You can start with some advice from one of the best growth-owners I know: Wyatt. He gets excited with every little accomplishment he has. So, what if someone says: “Don't touch that toy” or “stay off the sidewalk”

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Seems plausible right? We've been denied our wants all the time in life, and we may have even done the denying every here and then (I know I have). I've learned that instead of having a negative outlook, I can use it as a tool for learning how to develop a growth mindset. By immediately scolding him for exploring, I'll make him lose that wonder that is key to his success. 

Instead of making him feel bad for following an instinct to try new things, I can uplift him. If I don't want him to go on a certain adventure, I can cut in and negotiate. If I didn't want him to play with a specific toy for example:

“Hey buddy, right now it isn't playtime. We'll play after dinner.” 

By saying this instead of shutting him down, he is assured and unafraid to take new chances. This is imperative when knowing how to develop a growth mindset. This can also help you to understand how to stop bad habits & addictions to overpower your kid's life.

The difference between “absolutely not” and “not right this second” is small, but extremely meaningful. Wyatt can continue to make the impossible possible, just like The Goonies. 

Sure, I hear what you're saying—”How does this help me, Will, I'm not a child.” Well, you've been told “no” so many times in life that you've developed a doubtful mentality. You are capable of knowing how to develop a growth mindset, it's all up to you.

It starts with breaking your fixed-victim mindset, pushing through to be the growth-owner you've always wanted to be—just like little Wyatt. 

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Steps to Growth Mindset Activities For Preschool

Ahoy there, fellow adventurers! Now that we've uncovered the treasure trove of wisdom hidden within "The Goonies" and glimpsed the magic of a growth mindset, it's time to chart our course toward cultivating this incredible mindset in our little ones.

Just like guiding a ship through uncharted waters, developing a growth mindset in kids requires careful navigation and a touch of creativity. So, gather 'round as we unfurl the steps to these exciting growth mindset activities!

Step 1: Embarking on the Wonder Journey

Picture this: a child's curiosity is like a compass pointing towards endless possibilities. Encourage their natural inclination to explore the world around them. Instead of quashing their questions, fuel their wonder with enthusiasm.

When they ask, "Why is the sky blue?", let them know it's a fantastic question that scientists have wondered about too. Ignite their curiosity by sharing fascinating facts. As they navigate the seas of curiosity, they'll begin to grasp that learning is a lifelong adventure. This will also help them to become stronger mentally.

Step 2: Failures as Stepping Stones

Ahoy, brave sailors! Let's teach our little adventurers that setbacks are simply part of the voyage. When they encounter challenges or make mistakes, don't let them feel like they're shipwrecked.

Guide them to see failures as stepping stones towards success.

Share stories of inventors, explorers, and artists who faced obstacles but persisted to achieve greatness. Help them understand that it's not about avoiding storms, but about learning how to sail through them.

Step 3: Celebration Cove

Anchor in the harbor of celebration! Every small achievement, every leap forward deserves a round of applause.

When they master a new skill, complete a puzzle, or show kindness to a friend, make it a celebration.

Let them ring the victory bell or have a dance party. This shows them that progress is worth honoring and that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Step 4: The Language of Growth

Avast, ye mateys! Swap out fixed mindset phrases for the language of growth. When they say, "I can't do it," teach them to add "yet" at the end. Encourage them to say, "I'm not good at this...yet!"

This simple addition opens the door to potential and progress. Remind them that even the mightiest pirates had to practice before becoming legends.

Step 5. The Power of Language: From Limiting to Empowering

Explore the language we use in our self-talk and interactions with others. By discarding fixed mindset phrase and incorporating growth mindset phrases, we empower ourselves to navigate challenges with a positive and resilient attitude.

Step 5: Setting Sail with Challenges

Ready to set sail for uncharted waters? Introduce challenges that stretch their abilities. Whether it's a puzzle that's a bit tricky or a craft that requires patience, these challenges build resilience and the thrill of conquering the unknown. Help them see challenges as exciting adventures rather than daunting monsters.

Step 6: Growth Affirmations

Craft a treasure map of affirmations! Create positive statements like, "I am capable of learning anything I put my mind to" or "Mistakes help me learn and grow." Decorate them with colorful markers and place them where they can see them daily. These affirmations become their guiding stars, reminding them of their growth potential.

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With these steps as your guiding stars, you're well on your way to instilling a growth mindset in the hearts of your young adventurers. Just like the brave souls of "The Goonies," they'll learn that the journey of growth is filled with excitement, challenges, and countless treasures waiting to be discovered.


In the footsteps of "The Goonies," we've delved into the realm of cultivating a growth mindset. It's a lifelong journey that involves teaching growth mindset, especially to children, and understanding that a growth mentality entails embracing challenges, learning from failures, and celebrating successes.

By shifting from fixed mindset phrases to growth mindset statements, we empower ourselves and others to continuously improve and thrive. Let's keep the spirit of adventure alive as we embark on this transformative path, fostering resilience, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of personal growth.

Need Another Helpful Tip?

One way to start your mission with how to develop a growth mindset is to come up with 3 things you enjoyed when you were little. Especially if those things made you feel special or accomplished in some way. 

It's not always easy to build up success habits. Much like setting up dominoes, you can't always see the big picture until it's complete. But those small goals you're making for yourself add up to aid you in your growth journey leading to success and happiness.

By doing this, you'll know how to develop a growth mindset in no time! 

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