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How To Build Momentum Right Out of High School?

Aug 10, 2023

By Will Moore

It hasn’t been easy for you, Class of 2023. Your senior year was ripped out from under you. No prom, no class trip, no senior ditch day. The moment you dreamed of, accepting your diploma on that stage in front of your friends and family, has been taken from you. 

It’s true; this isn’t exactly what you expected. Years of hard work, tests, tears, all-nighters, and accomplishments have led up to this moment, and you deserve a celebration. So I want to start by congratulating you on all you have achieved so far.

You’ve been through a lot, but now you have to choose between being a victim or becoming a growth owner. Make the choice to start building momentum and embracing this learning experience as a way to propel yourself forward on this path of life.

Program your mind to take everything in stride and use it to make yourself stronger rather than give in to the challenges life throws at you. 

We need to set you up for success; you are the first to learn from the lessons COVID-19 has brought upon us. The truth is, life has been too good for too long, and that has caused us to make some careless mistakes; this is your chance to make things better.

Use this crisis as a lesson in building the momentum you need to continue to succeed. 

But Why Is Building Momentum So Important?

In the exhilarating game of life, gaining momentum is like discovering a hidden power-up that propels you forward, creating a ripple effect of success and achievement.

Just like in your favorite video game, momentum gives you that extra boost, unleashing more energy and igniting a fire within. It's the key to breaking free from negative thinking, feeling stuck, and jump-starting progress.

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So, let's dive deeper into the importance of gaining and creating momentum and explore how it can transform your journey after high school.

The Power of Momentum: Getting the Ball Rolling

Imagine a boulder at the top of a hill. Initially, it seems impossible to move, but once it starts rolling, it gains momentum and becomes unstoppable. The same principle applies to life.

To gain momentum means taking consistent action, pushing past inertia, and setting things in motion. It's like giving that boulder a gentle nudge, setting off a chain reaction of more movement and progress.

Banishing Stagnation: Overcoming Feeling Stuck

One of the biggest challenges after high school is to feel stuck or unsure about the next steps. Momentum is the antidote to stagnation.

By taking consistent action, even small steps toward your goals, you create a sense of forward motion.

It's like breaking free from quicksand and finding solid ground beneath your feet. Each action builds upon the last, propelling you toward your desired destination.

Fueling Positivity: Flipping the Switch on Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can be a major obstacle in any journey. However, gaining momentum helps flip the switch on negativity. As you witness progress and achievements, you cultivate a positive mindset. Using a habit tracker or habit journal here can keep you motivated throughout the journey.

The more momentum you build, the more energy and confidence you generate. It's like replacing negative thoughts with a powerful surge of optimism and self-belief, propelling you to greater heights.

The Momentum Feedback Loop: Taking Consistent Action

Gaining momentum is all about taking consistent action. Just like a habit-forming game, where you accomplish goals or tasks on your to-do list to level up, staying consistent creates a positive feedback loop. The concept of habit loop can really help you here.

Each action you take fuels more energy and more momentum. The more you do, the more you want to do. It's a virtuous cycle that keeps you in motion and propels you toward your goals.

Embracing Momentum: Making Things Happen

Momentum is the catalyst that transforms dreams into reality. It's not just about waiting for things to happen; it's about actively making them happen.

By embracing momentum and taking consistent action, you seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and progress steadily.

It's like being the protagonist in your game, navigating challenges, and achieving victory with each step forward.

So, Class of 2023, remember the power of gaining momentum. Embrace the challenge of getting the ball rolling and take consistent action. Banish negative thinking and let positivity fuel your journey.

With each small step, you create a ripple effect of progress, unlocking new levels of achievement. Let momentum guide you as you embark on this exciting adventure after high school. Get ready to level up in life!

So How Do You Build Momentum After You Graduate? 

How do you go about creating momentum right out of high school? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are five tips to help you to create momentum:

Be resilient

You need to be resilient and have faith. Even when things are tough, you need to believe that things will get better. The Class of 2020 is a perfect example of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Life is unpredictable, you don't have to let it determine your perspective or reaction.

Be grateful

You need to remind yourself to be grateful for what you have. In the midst of all the chaos, you need to find ways to appreciate the little things in life. At the same time, you should also learn to start living in gratitude.

Start saving now

Your youth is the best time to teach yourself to periodically set aside some money. You never know when you might run into an emergency, and those savings could seriously help you out.

You may have heard the belief that you shouldn’t save if you are in debt. I say that’s risky; you should still be building savings even as you are paying down debt.

If you need to cut corners, make sacrifices elsewhere; never sacrifice your savings. That new giant flatscreen T.V. seems fun, but when you can’t pay the bill to keep it on, you run into a sticky situation. If you are impulsive buyer, then you really need to understand how to stop impulse buying.

Putting aside savings should become a habit now so you can always count on your safety net. It’s a success habit that is going to catapult and build your momentum as you move onto college or wherever else you’re heading next.

Apps like Acorn, Robinhood, and WeBull are perfect for helping you keep track of your savings in a simple and easy way.

Dreams are important, but you need to be smart about them.

In every situation, think about how you could benefit others as you benefit yourself. Employers that take care of their employees are being celebrated right now. Companies that have social value embedded into their businesses are the ones consumers will gravitate toward. 

People find themselves drawn to sincere companies that care about their employees. How you treat the people in your life plays a big role in how others will treat you.

I recommend listening to this podcast with Yu Kai Chou on Gamifying Strategies

Stay Flexible

The businesses that stayed successful during the pandemic were the ones that were able to adapt to their situation. They use their resources and think creatively to change what they do to something that can thrive in the pandemic. 

Restaurants offer curbside pick-up and delivery, pharmacies have drive-through testing centers, and streaming services offer movies that would normally only be in theaters. Adapting has allowed these companies to stay afloat even in a world where everyone is stuck at home. 

Quick thinking and creative planning is the secret to success. That’s not to say you should always be planning for another disaster; I just mean that you need to stay creative and remember to think outside the box.

Keep building your momentum by making it a habit to always be ready to adapt; what’s popular today may be “so yesterday” tomorrow.

To the graduating class, and anyone else looking to build momentum in your life, keeping these three tips in mind is crucial to becoming successful. Focus on developing success habits and you can achieve all that you set your mind to!

Class of 2023, you have become so strong and resilient. I celebrate you making it through this year and your entire student career so far; you are immensely prepared for anything that may come your way.


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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