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Serial Entrepreneur, Gamification, Habits, and Happiness Expert

As an 80's kid growing up on Atari and Nintendo, I was always fascinated by video games and their ability to propel me into a world much better than the one I was living in. I could be ANYONE, do ANYTHING - my only limits being my ability to master the skills required to get to the next level.

An alcoholic and abusive mother, a father who abandoned us to travel around the world, and moving to a suburb of Bethesda MD who were NOT accustomed to sensitive hippy kids left me suicidal my freshman year of college.

I’d developed a typical fixed victim mindset convinced my brain was broken and there was nothing I could do about it.

A serendipitous moment in college - see my timeline below - allowed me to hit the reset button and set me on a quest to figure out what happiness really is, and how to harness its power.

One major goal I set and achieved was to become a successful entrepreneur - starting-up multiple businesses, and exiting one of them for 9-figures. Ironically, doing so helped me realize one of life's great truths on happiness: money alone can't buy it. Deep, soul-filling, long-term happiness requires a more holistic approach, and would require me to become the CEO of the most important business I'd ever run, MY LIFE!

To run a successful startup requires fundamentally understanding, maintaining balance in, and growing in its core areas. But instead of HR, marketing, and accounting, in real life it's what I've determined are The Five Cores.

25 years later (“Current Level 25”) I've upgraded my avatar from a fixed victim to a growth owner mindset with 100% confidence I’ve got everything within me to reach any level I set my sites on - failing, learning, and continuously powering-up along the way.

I ultimately learned that while life is complex, principles are not. And by combining these universal principles with behavioral science and technology, I could trick my brain to WANT to replace my failure habits with success habits in all five cores.

I now gamify my habits on a daily basis, finding that same fun, wonder, passion, and enthusiasm I had playing those video games as in the 80’s. Instead now it’s not to escape, it’s my real life :)

Will you join in and play with me?

To Begin The Game

Current Level: 25

"I play therefore I am"
- Will Moore

My Gamified Bio

Game Controller
Pasadena Ca - Will is born Rocky Clay Thomas Wooten Moore (brother to Puff Sunpath Moore) to two hippies. He's bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to take on the world!
Will Moore's Family

My Mission & Pledge

My MISSION is to help you level-up your life by making it fun and addictive to transform your habits in your 5 Core areas of happiness - gaining Moore Momentum to then pass on to the rest of the world.

I figure if I can help you create a world where what you HAVE to do becomes what you WANT to do, you'll have a much easier time figuring out WHO you are, WHAT you want, and HOW to get it.

Oh, and no matter what monsters get in the way, aliens I have to fight, or asteroid fields I have to navigate, I'll ALWAYS put your wellness over profit.

Thanks for playing with me :)

"Shall We Play A Game?"
- Joshua, War Games

Find Out What Level You're Currently Stuck On.

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Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books - Over 500M Sold

Mark Hansen

Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books - Over 500M Sold

"Will Moore is someone you want in your life. He’s crushed every goal he’s set for himself and won’t stop until he’s changed the happiness trajectory of the world. By combining the latest in science and technology with universal principles, he’s taken a quantum leap in bringing personal development into the 21st century. I stand behind Will in putting people over profits on his quest to reshape the world’s habits for the greater good."

Daughter of Sheraton Hotels Founder, Widow to Frank Perdue Chicken Magnate, and author of "How To Be UP In Down Times"

Mitzi Perdue

Daughter of Sheraton Hotels Founder, Widow to Frank Perdue Chicken Magnate, and author of "How To Be UP In Down Times"

"Are you looking for an exciting, insightful, uplifting experience, one that gives you the tools to be all you can be? Look no further. Will Moore’s superpower is his ability to provide this."


Harrison Loew


"Mr. Moore and I met through his alma mater and my current college Rollins College. There, a simple 15 minute conversation blossomed into a mutual mentorship that has provided me with validation of my mission to success and living, what I now consider to be, a 5 Core Life. His background and proven success have shown me a template that is both effective and exciting in any facet of business. Mr. Moore is more than just an entrepreneur with an intense desire to be successful, he is also a patient mentor and caring individual. In a world of texts, tweets, and constant distraction, it’s incredible to see a figure that continues to be successful with the winning attributes that have made some of the greatest businessmen in history."


Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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