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What Are Your 5 Cores?

We all have 5 core areas of our life that combine to form our overall happiness. Each of these cores is made up of habits that build either positive or negative momentum (make us happy or unhappy).

Unfortunately, the system we all grow up in is broken, causing us to have mostly “failure habits” in each of our cores. This keeps us trapped in our “failure loops” where our daily actions lead us to becoming less and less happy every day.

Some of us may be doing better in one or two cores, but often at the expense of the others. Only a small amount of people have developed momentum building habits in all 5 cores

Your 5 Cores consist of your:

  1. Mindset: Your perception of yourself and the world that is the primary driver of your thoughts and actions.

  2. Career & Finance: What you do for a living and how you view/handle money.

  3. Relationships: The people in your life and how you manage them.

  4. Physical Health:  Your physical being resulting from how you treat your body.

  5. Emotional Health & Giving Back:  The state of your mind based on what you feed it and your contribution to the world.

Your 5 cores work together like cylinders of an engine to determine how much momentum/happiness you’ll build. Your job is to reduce the friction in those cores so those cylinders work together like a well oiled machine.

Let’s pretend your life is a rocket,  and that the thrusters of that rocket are made of your 5 cores.  To break free of earth’s gravitational pull  will require you to build more positive than negative momentum each day, meaning you’re slowly but surely  replacing your failure habits with success habits in each core.

With each failure habit you’re able to STOP, and each success habit you’re able to REPLACE it with, you’re further reducing friction on your way up to that  bright, bold, beautiful sky.

If only one or two cylinders are firing, you’re going to veer off in the wrong direction.  But if you’re able to nurture, grow, and maintain balance in all 5, you’ll be on your way to firing on all cylinders!

Your Cores
&  Alter Your Trajectory
How  Habits Effect Your Cores &  Alter Your Trajectory
Getting your mind working FOR instead of against you by adjusting your attitude, perception, and confidence. Becoming what I call a “growth-owner” where you know you have everything in you to accomplish your goals and obstacles are temporary roadblocks waiting for solutions.
Doing what you love and are great at, executing your purpose, and exponentially growing your wealth along the way.
Creating and maintaining deep, fulfilled relationships and gaining allies to help you achieve your goals.

Taking care of your physical aspects  o ensure looking good, feeling good, and gaining the energy and stamina to propel you through life.

Taking care of your mind to ensure you’re getting the most out of every day, and leaving a legacy that ensures the world is better, not worse, for having you in it.
How They Work Together To Form Who You Become
The more you improve one core, the more likely you’ll be to improve the others. And the more you’re able to find balance and gain momentum in ALL of them, the more you’ll increase your happiness meter
Let’s figure out WHO You are, WHAT you want, and HOW to get it! Take the quiz to find out where you stand.


Take The Core Life Evaluator Quiz and see where you stand today!

So How Do You Fire On All Cylinders?
You’ll need a system.

We all have systems we use to get us through life, but as mentioned above, the broken system we grew up in has led us to develop our own broken systems.

These systems are promoting the spread of failure over success habits, negative vs positive momentum, misery over happiness.
An effective system will allow you to figure out 1) WHO you are, 2) WHAT You Want, and 3) HOW To Get it.

1.Figuring out WHO you are. Who you are is almost never who you think you are, largely due to the fact that humans have proven to be terrible judges of the many facets that make up their lives. You’ll need to shine a big ol’ spotlight in your 5 cores to determine the current habits you’ve developed in each so you know which ones to get to work on.

2.Figuring out WHAT you want. To do this will require an understanding of the basic principles our universe is governed by, how the failure habits you’ve developed may be ignoring them, and what success habits you can replace them with so you reach your dream destination. Remember, life is complex, principles aren’t – they’ll help you cut through the noise.

3.Figuring out HOW to get it. Knowing WHO you are and WHAT you want is crucial, but it’s all for not if you don’t learn how to take action on those insights you’ve gained. The best way to do this is to WANT to hold yourself accountable, which is where my use of gamification to reduce the friction of habit development comes in.
Flying up Into The Bright, Bold, Beautiful Sky
My mission is to help you become the best version of YOURself which will in turn cause you to pay it forward to help the world become the best version of ITself.

I call this the Momentum Movement, and it involves The taking advantage OF, vs being taken advantage BY, what I call …
Your belief system + your repeated actions, plus time = who you will become.
Learn how success and failure habits shape your 5 cores and how it affects your momentum.


“I met Will about 6 months ago through a program at my University were I was put in the role of a mentee & Will was my mentor. Someone who was struggling to find himself, and the direction in which my life was heading, I called upon Will for answers. Through the thick & the thin Will had my back. He used his five cores to really connect with me which resulted in me understanding what it really takes to be the best version of myself. I have used all that I have learned through Will in various job interviews, conversations with friends, and conversations with family. I truly believe that what Will is preaching and trying to get this world to understand, is extremely useful and can help any person become a better version of themselves, which as Will puts it so elegantly, will help the world become a better version of itself!