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Sleep – The Unsung Hero We All Need

Sleep – The Unsung Hero We All Need

Movies are full of unsung heroes. Poor Duckie shows up for Andie and then still steps aside for crush, Blane, in Pretty in Pink. Cameron gets the car, goes along with all of Ferris’s antics and takes all of the heat from his dad in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And who could forget Ellen in Christmas Vacation – cooking the food, entertaining the parents, and even flipping the garage switch to turn on the infamous Griswold family lights just so Clark could declare “I did it” in the last scene.

So, my Momentum Builders, who’s the unsung hero of ALL of our lives? What do we take for granted that’s vital to our health and success? S-L-E-E-P. Sleep doesn’t get the recognition it deserves every morning when we crawl out of bed. When you crush your workout or nail a presentation, does anyone slow-clap for the sleep that made it all possible? It just quietly does its job and when you don’t get enough, you blame IT because you didn’t get enough. Poor sleep. Moping forever in its room with Cameron.
For driven growth-owners (people with growth mindset) who want to hit it hard every day, sleep is often the last thing we want to do with our time. We want to push ourselves harder, longer, and get a few more things done. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” you mutter to yourself between yawns. Or maybe we feel we deserve that extra hour of TV or YouTube after a long, hard day. After all, there’s always caffeine, right?
Yep, caffeine. Caffeine’s the guy who gets all the glory. Caffeine will save the day! But repeat after me, Starbucks lovers, “caffeine is not the superhero we need.” Caffeine doesn’t produce cytokines, a type of protein that wards off inflammation and infections, like the flu. You can thank your old friend sleep for that.

Sleep also reduces blood pressure, which leads to a healthier heart; reduces blood sugar to keep diabetes at bay; and fosters muscle repair. It gives you stamina to endure tough workouts and sharpness to make good decisions. At the end of the day, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not balancing your physical health core. You’re not giving your body what it needs to be the best version of YOU every single day.

So how do you know if you’re getting enough sleep? Do you wake up before your alarm clock goes off? Are you awake and alert, or are you heavy-blinking while you’re in meetings or driving? Are you reaching for caffeine to keep you going?

Making an effort to get the right amount of sleep all comes down to success habits and your mindset. It means recognizing sleep as an important piece of your physical health and making it a priority in your life. Start small, and slowly make the choice to increase your sleep time until it becomes a meaningful lifelong success habit. Your health will thank you!

This Week’s Core Tip:
Ask yourself if you’re naturally a night owl or a morning bird? Left to your own devices, do you have energy later and stay up, or does your energy come first thing and slowly deteriorate throughout the day? You DON’T want to go against your natural bio-rhythms if you don’t have to, though it is possible in my experience to somewhat retrain yourself to the sleep hours you desire.

Figure out how you can make your natural sleep cycle work for you, and determine what amount of sleep you need to feel rested and energized each day. Most studies will say anywhere from 6-9 hours, but everyone is different.

I put on a wearable to bed and use an app called “Sleep Watch” to track my sleep. This has been a huge friction reducer in figuring out the areas I need to improve on, giving me insights such as how much restful sleep I’m getting and my heart rate variations, and making sure I’m getting the sleep I know I need overall.
Use Your Groundhog Days to Become Stronger
Use Your Groundhog Days to Become Stronger

“Babe, I got you babe. I got you babe. I got you babe.” If you’ve ever seen the movie Groundhog Day, you know that Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, groans as he wakes up to hear this Sonny and Cher hit on his hotel alarm clock at exactly 6am morning after morning, signaling that he’s about to relive the same day as yesterday. Fun fact, it’s been estimated that poor Phil woke up to this song and this day 12,403 times, which is way more than I ever imagined!

Although it may feel like our country has been in lockdown and living our own groundhog day about a day more than Phil had to endure, the reality is, most of us have been social distancing around 30 days.

In this disruption from our regularly scheduled programming, we’ve dramatically changed our way of life. Some of us may have even coddled ourselves a bit and given into carte-blanche Netflix and Dorito binges. This is a totally natural response. The habits that we’ve spent years accumulating, for better or worse, have suddenly ground to a halt. And without our habits, we’ve been left wondering, what the heck do we do now?

Well my friends, it’s time to dust off your gym shoes and … well… I guess stay in your daily uniform of sweats and a t-shirt because we’re about to get physical.

Just because you can’t go to the gym or dominate your weekend basketball league doesn’t mean that exercise is out of your control. There are plenty of ways that you can still get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and expand your lungs. A sweet bonus to the physical benefits of exercise is the emotional benefit that comes with the feeling of accomplishment that can be elusive to say the least right now. Remember, the mind and body are connected. Period.

According to Medline Plus, among many other benefits, exercise can help you lose weight, keep blood sugars under control, and improve heart health. Being overweight, having diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are three of the top risk factors for severe COVID disease. Just like hand washing, covering your face and disinfecting surfaces are a vital part of your health right now, so is exercise.

Whether you’ve been a gym rat your whole life or a self-proclaimed couch potato, being confined to our homes is definitely taking a toll on the amount of physical activity we get each day. Most of us aren’t walking through stores, running through parking lots, or choosing the stairs over the elevator right now, let alone hitting the gym. To be a growth-owner vs fixed-victim, though, means knowing that getting the exercise we need is on us, and us only.

Take ownership of your exercise routine and health by finding activities that you enjoy and start one step at a time. You don’t have to burn yourself out on the first day. It’s much easier to create a success habit that sticks if you don’t dread doing it. A better plan is to start small and increase your activity level each week. I’ve changed my regular gym routine for crazy kid pushups that involve both Wyatt and Emmett hanging on me. But you know what, it’s become a fun routine that has helped reduce the friction of working out just like my basketball and lifting while listening to podcasts did before the pandemic.
It took Phil most of his 12,403 groundhog days to learn that he wasn’t a victim of the universe. But by the time he returned to his regular life, he was a growth-owner living his best life. Use your groundhog days wisely and by the time your life returns to normal, you’ll be armed with success habits that last.

This week’s action tip:

Think of the physical activities you enjoy doing and make a plan to incorporate them into your new daily routine. For example, if dancing makes you feel like a million bucks, turn up the music and dance your heart out for 20 minutes. It’s even more fun when you’re in complete control of the music! Some other ways to dance are through video games like “Just Dance” or through workouts like Beachbody on Demand’s “Country Heat.”
But don’t feel like it has to be a formal program for you to achieve the benefits; anything that elevates your heart rate and makes you happy should do the trick! If this is new for you, start one-two times per week and increase to three-five times per week as you go. Other ideas are to replace the treadmill with pounding the pavement in your neighborhood or at a local park or trail, or play basketball in your driveway with the kids instead of your usual intramural sports. You can also join my Facebook group for daily exercise tips!
Happy moving!
Healthy Goals Are More Than Just New Year’s Resolutions
Healthy Goals Are More Than Just New Year’s Resolutions

You know by now that each core is a vital part of your life that combined together, forms your overall happiness & momentum meter (see below gif). Plenty of people can say they’re making decent strides in each one, but how many can say they’re really killing it in all 5? It’s rare. Like, 5% rare

f you’re not continually striving to build momentum in this area of your life, it means you’re not looking and feeling your best, and aren’t creating the energy and longevity necessary to live your best life. I’m not saying you should join your local CrossFit gym today or start bodybuilding, but instead ask yourself what you enjoy doing in the realm of fitness. All the willpower in the world can’t replace good old-fashioned WANTing to do something. You know you should work out, but you really want to eat that cookie. This constant back and forth battle of “wills” will eventually exhaust your energy causing “decision fatigue”. How can you avoid this? Find something you really enjoy doing that gets you moving, then build it into your routine to do it regularly. Once you start seeing and feeling the benefits, you’ll have activated your “why” that makes you “want” to work out.
Don’t let social media and society be your motivation to work out or get moving. This feeling you get to suddenly change your health habits after a long session of scrolling Instagram is a fleeting and temporary feeling. It won’t end in a full-on lifestyle change. You have to REALLY want it for yourself and truly connect with the benefits of working out. Repeated actions + time= lifestyle change. You’ll no longer be relying on that temporary willpower.

I’ve always loved basketball. I’ve been playing minimally 2-3 times a week at the gym for 25 years. Because I enjoy it so much and it gets my competitive juices going, it’s reduced the friction of working out and lowered my natural defense to NOT want to work out. When I was younger, I’d see the older guys playing and I remember being so impressed they were still playing at their age. Now, I’m usually one of the oldest guys on the court. I’ll often get asked how old I am, and the answer always shocks. I love it!

The real secret is that there is no secret. At a certain point I simply figured out what form of exercise I loved doing, then made it part of my regular routine. If I can’t make it to the gym 2-3 times that week, I make up for it by doing pushups in my home office to get my heart rate up. I truly enjoy both this and my gym workouts because I know what they’re doing for my energy, longevity, and happiness!

This week, I’m challenging you to find something you love to do that falls in the realm of fitness. Go for a walk, take a bike ride with the family, whatever you do, just make sure it’s fun for YOU.

As you’re nearing the end of the year, you’ll be seeing and feeling the pressure of those pesky “New Year’s Resolution” posts and comments from everyone around you. Don’t just join a gym because you know you should, but instead figure out what exercise you truly enjoy, set a schedule and goals around it, and keep taking action week after week until it becomes part of you.

Get moving. Gain Momentum. Join the Movement!

Let’s get physical, physical. Feeling a little sluggish after eating allll the turkey and allll the pie? Feels oh so good in the moment but not so much in the days after. Well the good news is, I’m here to tell you go ahead and enjoy some cookies and mashed potatoes this holiday season. But I challenge you to keep it in moderation and kick up your exercise routine with one extra workout per week so that you don’t have to play catch up in January. And don’t forget, exercise doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest. Dance and sports can be a great way to break things up.
How To Take The Calories Out Of Your Favorite Treat
How To Take The Calories Out Of Your Favorite Treat
Pop quiz:
What are the four food groups in the movie Elf? Answer: Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Well, my friends, if this resembles your actual quarantine food groups, it might be time to reign it in.

We may have taken just a little bit of liberty with our eating habits over the past 2 months and gone into vacation mode with our nutrition. A break from everyday routines often equals a temporary change in our eating habits. A little chocolate here and some chips there is ok for an occasional treat. But after a couple of months, you might be starting to feel the weight of your decisions (see what I did there?)

First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up. We’ve been coping with a stressful time full of change and a time of change is the easiest time for bad habits to creep in. But, the good news is, you’ve got the power to turn this bus around. It’s time to add some success habits back into your nutrition and start focusing on foods for nourishment again. Getting back into the groove of healthy eating and exercise is way easier after 2 months than it is after 6 months or a year. So there’s no better time than right now to get those success habits going.

Take a look at what you’ve been eating and see where you can clean it up step by step. Maybe this week you replace your after dinner cookies with an apple and a walk. (For a little inspiration, check out this Time article about how walking for 15 minutes after a meal benefits your blood sugar and digestion.) Then next week, you cut down on the soft drinks or beer and replace them with water. And the following week, start adding salads to your dinner. Sneak those success habits back in the same way the bad habits crept in.

Speaking of salads, I know there have been concerns about eating fresh fruits and veggies that have been sitting out on shelves at grocery stores. Some people are wiping them down with Lysol or scrubbing them with soap and water. This is a totally understandable thought process but I have more good news: it’s completely unnecessary.

According to this article published by the Huffington Post, experts actually warn against bathing your veggies in soap or lysol. “Based on research related to foodborne illnesses and other viruses, somewhere between 90% and 99% of what’s on the produce can be removed with running water, explains Ben Chapman, a professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University.” Soap doesn’t do any better than that, and what’s more, digesting soap can make you sick and even mimic coronavirus symptoms. So just give it a good rinse with water and you can enjoy your fresh foods with confidence.


If you can implement these success habits at home now, it will help balance things out when our next healthy eating battle begins: the reopening of restaurants and bars. But once you have the confidence to replace failure habits with successful ones, you’ll be up for the challenge.

Physical Health: How To Stack Your Health Goals For Maximum Success
Physical Health: How To Stack Your Health Goals For Maximum Success

50 years ago, if you saw someone running down the street, you took notice. Truth is, chances are they were either late for the bus or being chased! That’s because people didn’t start jogging until the late 1960’s. And, hold onto your leg warmers because Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda hadn’t graced us with their workout videos yet either; plus there was no Planet Fitness for a quick spin class. Yet, Americans are now about 18% heavier than we were back then. We know our diet is partially to blame. More sugar, more carbs, more calories.

But the other part of the puzzle is that back in those days, people got their exercise in different ways. They walked more and drove less, for one. They were also more active because there were fewer machines to do everyday tasks so they burned more calories just existing. They weren’t too busy to exercise because living life was exercise.

Fast forward to 2020. Despite all of our machines and conveniences, we’re busy. So so busy. And when we think of exercise, we typically think of spending our time at the gym or running. This, of course, leads to excuses about how we don’t have time to make it to the gym while balancing our other 4 cores.

But I have good news for you. The physical health core is one of the easiest cores to habit stack with other cores. With a little bit of thought and planning, you can build more than one success habit at a time while making exercise more enjoyable and fulfilling.

For example, last week in my blog, I talked about how important giving back is to your emotional health core. What are some ways you can give back while getting exercise? Anyone? Buellllllllller?

-You could walk dogs (or jog with them) for your local shelter.

-You can mow the lawn or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor.

-How about signing up to run or walk a 5k that benefits charity?

our local YMCA could use a youth soccer coach.

You can also your stack physical health core habits with your financial goals by:

-Walking from the train instead of taking a cab.

-Washing your own car by hand.

-Mowing your own lawn (bonus points for turning off the self-propel feature)

-Picking up a side gig of walking dogs.

How can you nurture your mindset while exercising?

-When you jog, repeat a daily mantra to yourself that lifts your spirit and sets the tone for your day.

-Read an inspirational book while riding your stationary bike (I replaced basketball with this when I had my ACL surgery and couldn’t believe how fast the time passed).

-Listen to inspirational/educational podcasts (I’m currently listening to Tim Ferris)Use visualization to picture what you’ll look and feel like when you accomplish the physical health goal you set yourself.

You can even habit stack with your relationship goals by:

-Taking a walk on the beach with your partner

-Playing a game of tag football with your kids (let’s not tackle the munchkins)

-Joining a baseball team with friends

And if I really want to blow your mind, I can triple dog dare you to stack habits for all of your cores by:

Setting a daily step goal with your family or friends to train to do a charity 5k together and getting some of those steps by dog-walking as a side gig while repeating your daily mantra to yourself. Whew! Didn’t think I could do it, did ya? But look at you, killing it in all 5 cores!

My point is that physical fitness goals don’t have to be boring or feel time consuming when you stack successful habits with your other cores. This week, give it a try! Think about the type of physical activity you enjoy and how you can pair it with other success habits across your other cores. The feeling of accomplishment from hitting more than one success habit at a time can’t be beat!