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Want More Control Over Your Diet? Good Habits Can Help

May 3, 2022

Ok friends, be honest with me: how badly did you want to take a dip into Willy Wonka’s chocolate river as a kid? This iconic film always makes me crave the most essential of foods: candy, candy, and more candy. 

So maybe those aren’t exactly “healthy,” but at times like this it can be hard to stick to good habits when it comes to eating (Just like Augustus Gloop). 

The pandemic has caused us to acquire a change of pace, and that also influences our diets. That means an extra cookie, or four, every so often. But after getting into this new flow, you may be feeling the struggle of this new habit.

Well first off: don’t feel bad about it. The pandemic has affected all of us differently, and it’s difficult to stay on track for a lot of people right now. You are not alone. Because of the change in schedule for most, it’s been an easy time for sneaky failure habits to pop in and mess things up. The best part? 

That’s totally normal, and you have everything you need to replace those with good habits! Just by concentrating on the nutritional intake you're getting from your food can be a huge stepping stone to staying healthy for years and years. 

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So, How Do You Form Good Habits When It Comes To Eating?

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Start by making a list of all the foods you’d like to cut out a bit, and see if you can pick one thing and get to work. If you want to cut back a bit on your chocolate intake (unlike Mr. Wonka), focus on that. 

Instead of eating a candy bar as a snack, have an apple. The next day, pair the apple with a short walk! Walking has been proven to help your overall health, so let’s get moving! By ingraining these good habits in your daily routine you’ll be building up positive momentum every day. 

And don’t worry if it’s hard to replace your new eating habits at first. Habits are called that because they STICK. But your goal should be to replace those failure habits with good habits that lead you toward success. Just keep at it, and you’ll get where you want to be in no time. 

One Last Tip:

With the pandemic still lingering, I completely understand the fear over getting fresh produce that has been touched and sitting lifelessly at the grocery store. But worry not. You don’t need to shower your fruits and veggies with lysol before making delicious meals. 

It’s been verified by a professional of food safety that this is unnecessary. It may actually be worse as the chemicals should not be ingested; the only thing your fresh produce needs is a cool bath under some water and you’ll be good to go!

By taking initiative and squashing your bad habits now, you’ll be saving yourself from struggling in the future. Instead, you’ll be following success habits towards a brighter, and happier time for yourself once we can all go back to normal. You’ve got everything you need to make it work!

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