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The Importance Of Gratitude - A Success Habit To Fuel All Five Cores

May 6, 2022

If I’ve imparted anything that’s stuck with you since we first crossed paths, I hope it’s that now you know it’s absolutely vital to your happiness that you continually dedicate yourself to building up your 5 cores. Your personal core values really set the stage for the rest of your life and well-being. But how do you add gas to the flame that fires up your five cores and blasts you into the big, bold, beautiful sky where everything is clear and balanced? 

The one-word answer: gratitude. When going about your day, it’s easy to forget to take a minute to think about how incredibly grateful you are for all that you have. By doing this, you’ll be building positive momentum that not only contributes to your personal core values but to your overall health and wellbeing as well. Gratitude changes your whole perspective on life. Instead of letting your inner fixed victim focus on what you don’t have, your inner growth owner focuses on what you DO have. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing! 

You heard me right - Thinking about what you’re grateful for every day, even for just a moment, can allow you to break through your fixed-victim mindset to find success. I practice this daily and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Every day I repeat a gratitude mantra, and then I recall the top things I’m grateful for in my life, which are usually a result of my core values. For example:

  • Family. I am beyond happy to have them, and I couldn’t do it without their support. I am grateful for their health as well as my own. 

  • Imagination. It can be so easy to get down on myself sometimes, but I’m so glad I can see the world through a brighter lens. Creativity is key!

  • My willpower. I was able to pick myself up and find happiness through action. I am grateful every day for my perseverance.

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The Benefits of Gratitude

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Gratitude has been shown to have many benefits for both mental and physical health. The psychological benefits of gratitude include: - Increased well-being - Improved relationships - Greater resilience in the face of adversity - Enhanced self-esteem - Increased optimism and happiness The physical benefits of gratitude include: - Lower blood pressure - Reduced symptoms of illness - Faster healing from wounds - Improved sleep quality Gratitude also has benefits for businesses and organizations. In the workplace, gratitude has been shown to: - Increase job satisfaction and commitment - Enhance teamwork and cooperation - Improve leadership effectiveness - Decrease stress and burnout If you want to increase your happiness and well-being, gratitude is a great place to start. Making a habit of expressing gratitude daily can have a profound impact on your life.

So, How Does Gratitude Apply To Your Personal Core Values? 

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By practicing gratitude, you’ll look at life from a new angle: that of a growth-owner. This means considering things around you as stepping stones to a radiant future rather than seeing them as weights holding you down. By focusing on seeing life through a more positive lens, you’ll fuel your core values more and more. 

This ensures that you get through your day feeling good! Too often, people lose momentum in the middle of the day and just feel stuck. Practicing gratitude will give you that extra push you need to feel like you’re still moving forward when you should be. 

Many people have personal core values that involve family or friends. Well, did you know that being grateful could help you when it comes to compassion? Through that same growth-owner mindset, we see people as treasured pieces of our lives rather than nuisances. Further, by showing them how grateful you are for their company, your relationship core can be boosted!

It also helps when other people get you down. You don’t need to get out there and seek revenge or get into a “why me?” mindset. You're just grateful you’ve got everything you need and know that the person who made you feel less than others is probably in the wrong mindset. Gratitude helps give you the empathy you need to get past these situations without losing your momentum.

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Applying Gratitude In Life

Don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you what happened to me at the gym. One of my favorite activities I like to do to stay active is basketball. I go to my local gym to play, and the same group of guys is there almost every time. 

Now, I get along awesomely with these guys—all except one. For some reason, every time I go to the gym to play, this guy scowls at me as if I’ve killed his dog. At first, I turned inward, wondering what I’d done. 

But, one day, I went to play, and he looked like he had been having a tougher day than usual. Despite that, we were on the same team that day, and he really pulled through to help us out. I wanted to try to bridge the disconnect between us by sharing my gratitude with him. 

So, I went on and said, “Thanks for your help on the court today. You are truly the reason we did so well today.” And guess what? He smiled. The man who had seemed like he hated my guts for weeks smiled. All because I showed him that I was grateful for his help. 

THIS is how practicing gratitude can enhance your personal core values. By doing it daily, even in small doses, you’ll be building up positive momentum that helps you grow. So, take a moment today to think about what you’re grateful for and shout it from the rooftops!

Let’s Keep The Momentum Train Moving

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