Build a Rock Solid Relationship Core Right Now

May 6, 2022

Imagine: it’s the end of 2019, and you’re toasting to the incoming new year. And then… 2020 hits. 

Of course, we all had to experience that—and in no way could we have ever understood just what the oncoming year would mean. The word “quarantine” was a far away expression we only came across in zombie video games. All at once, we were sucked into an unfamiliar world.

With all these new things, how can you feel secure in the face of uncertainty? 

The answer is to use what you already have within you to be a growth-owner! By pausing and thinking about how you can use this time as a blessing rather than a curse, you’re already building positive momentum. 

So, How Can You Create a Solid Relationship? 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us are getting the opportunity to be with our families in a brand new way. 

Ok, so that may not always be a good thing, but you can use it to your advantage. The first part of building a solid relationship core with your loved ones is to use this time to nourish those bonds. Use the hours you would’ve spent out doing things to reconnect with your family! 

Failure habits can overwhelm easily, especially in hard times like these. That’s why it’s sooooo important that you concentrate on building up your relationship core instead of tearing it down. 

To maintain a solid relationship, you’ve got to make time to be with those you love. Find ways to take activities you used to do solo, like exercise, and do them with your family instead! For example: going for a run together or swimming. You can even take romance to the next level by having an at-home date night. 

No matter what you choose to do, know that it WILL make a difference! The ones you love will remember these times as fond memories, and they’ll be grateful because of it. If you show them you care, they’ll be sure to reciprocate that. 

This only works to elevate your positive momentum and build a healthy, solid relationship. Are you struggling to find something that’ll bring you and your family together? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Don’t live with your loved ones? Well, you can still be proactive with your time in order to strengthen those bonds! 

Gamify your life by using your tech to take your connections to the next level. If you can’t be with your family in person, try doing a group video call. Just checking in through call or text will let your family and friends know that you really care about having a solid relationship. 

Let’s review the 5 things that’ll pave the way for building solid relationships:

  • Use the present as an opportunity rather than a bad omen. There’s no time like the present, so let’s get active. 

  • Set aside time. Making time for those you care about shows them that you love and appreciate them!

  • Find fun activities to do while keeping safe. It’s hard to do some activities as a result of the pandemic, but there’s still so many ways to bond with your family safely. 

  • Gamify your life! Reach out to those not close to home to show them you want to stay in touch. 

  • Stay positive. At a time like this, the only way to build up positive momentum is by not giving in to failure habits and thought processes. You’ve got this!

The pandemic has made it hard for all of us to function normally. I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the doctors, nurses, first responders, postal workers, and so many others who are the backbone of society. Thank you so much for your dedication and bravery; you are the reason the world keeps on turning. 

One Last Tip: 

This week I challenge you to think up at least 3 different ways to build positive momentum through success habits. Implement these into your everyday life, and you’ll have a solid relationship core in no time. 

For example: sit down with your partner for an hour with absolutely no interruptions. Getting in touch with each other’s emotions is especially important in such a tumultuous time. 

If you don’t have a partner or currently live by yourself, I challenge you to come up with a list of 3 people you haven’t talked to in awhile and would like to reconnect with. Now do it! Call those people up or send them a text. Just by doing this you’ll be creating new links to lasting, solid relationships. 

Keep On Moving:

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Will Moore is a gamification, habits and happiness expert.

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