Stop Sabotaging Your Finances With Impulse Spending

Before you Click Buy – Is It a Need or a Want? Why It’s Important to Know the Difference

May 6, 2022

Andddddd purchase! You’re scrolling through online stores and continuously clicking a button whenever you want to get whatever you want—convenient right?

It may be, but once you click checkout, you’re left with a feeling of emptiness. You just feel like you need to keep going to be happy and fill that void. This is known as impulse spending. 

Spending time chasing the high you get from clicking buttons on the internet just to add another meaningless product to your stash is an easy way to get hooked on impulse spending. 

This excessive adding only works to SUBTRACT a whole lotta cash from your funds that could have gone toward something more beneficial to your growth. In this way, impulse spending is like a leech sucking away at your overall happiness. 

Why Is Impulse Spending So Popular? 

Shopping online is extremely popular for lots of reasons. The first being: it’s simple. You don’t have to leave your couch to buy clothes or furniture, and why should you when you can just keep clicking? 

The answer: because it’s bad for your growth. Shopping online isn’t inherently bad, but when it becomes impulse spending you know you’ve got a problem. Are you checking your bank account first to make sure you’re not causing credit card debt? Will you wake up with a shopping hangover full of regret? 

The big companies you’re shopping with online know that they’re convenient, and because of it they realize that their products can suddenly be worth more. That means you’re getting a LOT less bang for your buck. All to chase a feeling that will disappear right after clicking purchase. 

The best way to expand your growth is to gamify your overall happiness. Impulse spending is fleeting, meaning that the happiness you gain from it is temporary. So maybe it’ll feel good in the beginning, but at the end you’ll have nothing to help you succeed in the future. 

So, How Can You Quit Impulse Spending? 

Wait until morning to click the purchase button. By “sleeping on it” you’ll be sure to make a wise decision rather than one made out of haste. Research has proven that by doing so you’ll be able to deliberate your choice in a better manner. 

The next step is to take a walk around your house and find all those impulse spending purchases that you never use. Take a total of how many items you can find and reflect on that next time you think about making an online purchase.

The last thing that you can do to be a growth-owner when it comes to your finances is to put that money towards your future. Invest in experiences that will add to your happiness or save for that business you’ve always wanted to open!  There are plenty of apps that gamify taking control of your finances. Once you get started, your successes will feel sooo much better than buying things you don’t need.

You can even set aside some funds to give back to the community around you. This way you’ll be taking a break from impulse spending and bolstering your emotional health core. 

It all starts with you, you’ve got this!

Let’s Keep The Momentum Moving: 

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