WILL Moore

Turn Your Passions into Your Dream Life
It’s a hard-knock life for us! The lives most people have created really are harrrrd. They live for 9-5 workdays in the same office, doing the same thing until it’s time to retire. Once in a while they get a vacation but feel guilty the whole time they’re gone and come back to a bona-fide mound of paperwork that could make a grown man cry. It’s grim. I mean Tim Burton black and grey cartoon grim.

We’ve been taught by well-meaning parents, peers and teachers that happiness comes at the end of your career. After all the sacrifices have been made, hours logged, and missed time with loved ones, you will be repaid with sunset bliss in retirement. It’s been pounded into your mind that the only way to succeed in life is to wait to enjoy it until you’re in your 60’s. But are you satisfied with that? I can tell you I’m not. All work and no play makes Will a dull boy.

Traditional retirement does not take into account that most people who reach retirement age don’t even want to sit around playing golf and watching sunsets in their golden years. Athletes retire, only to come “out of retirement” soon after for “one more round”. 9-5ers retire and then FINALLY start the business doing what they truly LOVE. Here’s why: Somewhere buried beneath all of the work and obligations, there’s a living breathing mad scientist in you that is dying to follow your passions to create, inspire, and succeed.

By now, you’ve heard me talk about the 95%ers and the 5%ers. The 5%ers don’t wait until they’ve spent a lifetime working on someone else’s passions while neglecting their own. It’s not easy to leap out of your comfort zone and the 5%ers might stand close to the edge and peep over their toes at first. At first they might even think “What if I fall?” But the real, overwhelming, undeniable question that they just can’t squash is “What if I fly?” What if I merge my passion and my career and the sky truly becomes the limit?

Look at Shawn and Ian Murphy. They quit their ritzy corporate jobs to sell ties out of their backpacks on the beach. You read that right, ties. On the beach. Their first day, they sold all 800 ties and now have 18 brick and mortar stores and countless outlet locations for their company “Vineyard Vines”. Straight up living the 5% life.

So hear me now fine people, you don’t have to wait. If you have a deep passion for something, it will never feel like a job. You can be smart about it – I don’t want phone calls from everyone’s mom that I told you to quit your job without a plan. So let me be clear, part of a balanced life is having a roof over your head. But you CAN start cultivating your ideas and your passion and finding a way to get it started, even if you can’t quit what pays the bills yet. It can start as a side gig or a hobby. And if you are incorporating your strengths, your passions, and develop a solid plan supported by goals, you’ll get there, I promise. Remember, one step, two steps, three steps… But it all starts with that first one :).

The opposite of happy isn’t sad, its boredom. Retirement isn’t the goal, following your passion and living your best life now is. So dump that failure habit of procrastination and get started with your new success habit of movement! Figure out what to get moving on, take action, and never look back. This week I’m challenging you to ask yourself what you’re passionate about or what you’re really good at, then take action on it! There’s no better time than the present.

This Week’s Action Tip:
Are you living and working in your field of dreams or busting your hump to make someone else’s dream a reality? I promise you, when you find what you love and what you’re good at, if you build it they will come! Find your passion, start your side hustle, and start making your own dreams come true. One step at a time. This week, my challenge to you is to start with the first step – dig deep and think about what your real passion in life is and how you can turn it into a side hustle or job. Dream until your dreams come true!