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Ready To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed? A Bear Encounter is Just What You Need

Ready to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

A Bear Encounter Is Just What You Need

EVERYONE has bad days, failures, and times when they feel they can’t take one more thing on their plate. I do the things I’ve learned over the years to maintain a growth owner mindset vs fixed victim mindset; I’ve gamified my life in a way that helps me constantly form good habits – like rehearsing my mantra every morning, habit stacking, accomplishing the goals I set, balancing my cores, and running my life like a startup.

But that doesn’t mean life doesn’t kick me in the arse every now and then. It just means I have the tools to know how to get ahead in life – instead of just staying stuck in the dark place – more quickly. And one of these tools is to help me spot when my cores are becoming too unbalanced.

5 Core LIfe Isn’t Just A Gimmicky Phrase – It Can Help You Form Good Habits
A few months ago I recognized an unhappiness creeping in. I wasn’t firing on all cylinders in my 5 cores because my career and finance core was taking up more and more time, leaving less room for my other four. Knowing that all work and no play makes Will a dull boy, I took action. I’d been invited to a guy’s trip in the beautiful mountains of White Fish Montana, but had originally said no because of what I had on my plate. Recognizing I wasn’t following my own advice, I reached out and luckily it was still a go! I made a commitment to myself to form good habits from the start, so I unplugged during the trip to get the most out of it. It was TRULY MAGNIFICENT. There were deer outside our cabin each morning that we named Frick and Frack, biking, hiking, fishing, golfing, and great food and drink. Being in nature really reminded me what’s important in life and that we all come into this world bright eyed and bushy tailed like the rabbits we saw hopping along one of our trails.

Then life gets in the way and we stumble. We let our fears take over and lose that momentum we had when the world was full of wonder and potential. Even though we work hard to form good habits, life steps in and makes it hard to keep up our self-care activities. It’s important to remind ourselves now and again why personal core values are important, and do a hard reset (WITHOUT the electronics). To acknowledge the bear (fear/dwelling/unbalance), what you can learn from it, then move on.

But Were There Real Bears?

Yes there were, but none of them put themselves in my peripheral, and that’s just fine with me. Knowing they were there lurking and could cause some serious damage actually helped me to appreciate even more what was right in front of me. Gorgeous mountains, flowing streams, green forests, my friends’ smiling faces, and a reminder of the meaning of life. My business didn’t fall apart without me, my family survived (God bless my saint of a wife for knowing this is something I needed even though it left her holding down the fort), Tik-Tok didn’t fold without my viewing hours, and the Bachelorette is still sitting right on my DVR (that’s right, no shame in that game). Really connecting with nature, the outdoors, and all that this earth has to offer was a soul fulfilling event. Getting to do it with my friends was the joy I needed to remember the importance of both my relationship and emotional health cores. There’s a reason they are 2 of the five main core values of our lives that lead to our overall happiness.
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Build a Life That Can Survive without You For A Week to 

 Really Balance Your Cores

While I know that ultimately, I’m crucial to the success of my own business and the upbringing of my children, it’s good to know that I can unplug for a week and the systems I’ve put into place, and the people I’ve surrounded myself with, can carry on without me for a week.

I encourage my team and my family to form good habits in their cores, and in return, they encourage and support me when I need some self-care activities in mine. They are my accountability buddies in that way. Some people are flat out threatened by the thought of not being needed. A universal principle for happiness though is to live a wholistic lifestyle by balancing ALL 5 cores, which means not being shackled by any one of them.

So if you’re feeling shackled like I was, get a game plan in place. Make a list of the main areas you’d need to cover and their critical functions needed if you decided to unplug for a week. We’re living in the best time in history to do this because of how racy technology has made it to hire people remotely from all ocer the world (Fiverr, Upwork, etc) and manage them remotely (Asana, Slack, CRM’s, etc). So no excuses to get out there and reconnect with the great outdoors and some overdue quality friend time 🙂

If you need some help figuring out which core areas you need to work on, check out my free core values quiz.