WILL Moore

Million Dollar Morning Routine

What’s your morning routine? Do you roll out of bed, grunt at your family and go straight for your coffee while you mindlessly scroll through facebook. Or do you start your day with purpose?

My friends, your morning routine is just a sneaky set of habits. And as I always say, habits don’t care if they’re good or bad, they affect your life either way.

This all goes back to my tried and true equation of life:
Your belief system + your repeated actions + time = who you will become.

Who you become starts with the minute you open your big, bright eyes and start to take in the day. In the military, you start with making your bed because your day is going to be filled with purpose and action. That starts with the simple action of making the bed. It propels your day into meaningful action.

So, how does your morning routine set up your day?
Do I Even Need A Morning Routine?
Well, are your habits helping build momentum into that bright, bold, beautiful sky?

Or are they causing you to be a fixed victim? Are you waking up, reading negative news, putting junk like donuts into your body and then moving through your day with the same negative momentum you started with.

So let’s start off with one of the most important habits…your morning routine. What are you doing every single morning to boost that momentum, to feel good, and to springboard off into the day?
How Do I Start My Day Off With Positive Momentum?
Now, I bet you’re wondering if I just talk the talk. But do I really walk the walk? Let’s go through my morning routine and see how I build positive momentum from the minute I wake up.

Turns out, I’m no longer just a spry teenager who can springboard out of bed and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of finessing your way into the day to start with a good mood for your emotional health. I used to reach out for social media or the news. These things are filled with hatred and clickbait and sensationalism, especially this past year.

Positive habit #1: Positive news. I choose not to get sucked into the negativity in this world and have actually switched to an app called Flipboard.

Flipboard has specific topics that you can pick to make sure that’s all you see.

My Flipboard includes things that allow me to grow and stay positive, like movies, entrepreneurship and games. But yours can look completely different than mine as long as it inspires, energizes and builds your positive momentum.

Then I move on to breakfast. Now, when I was younger, I never used to touch coffee, but once I started, there was no going back. For me, it’s part of my routine. Coffee gets my heart rate and mind going and I look forward to it. It gives me that bazinga I need to be the best Willy Woo there is. But here’s the twist.

Positive habit #2: The blended coffee shake. A happy, healthy Will does not survive on coffee alone. I’ve habit stacked drinking coffee with my morning protein shake. You’ve got it my friends. Together. As in all of the good caffeine, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, raw spinach banana and protein all blended into one deliciously monstrous protein shake. Is it for everyone? Maybe not. But don’t knock it til you try it. You might be surprised and it gives me everything I need to hit the ground running.

Positive habit #3: As I’m drinking my shake, I review my to-dos for the day. Every night, I review what I did for the day, what I was able to get accomplished, remind myself of the big picture, and what the most important things I need to do the next day are. So in the morning, to-do’s are easy-peasy. I might even hit the little to-dos that aren’t necessarily things that take too much brainpower but I need to get out of the way, such as emails.

Then I’m off to the shower.

Positive Habit #4: The shower/stretch/mantra triple threat! This is another habit stacking opportunity for me where I both stretch and go through my mantra, while I shower. My mantra is an enormous part of my morning routine. I’ve formulated it little by little over the years and it’s continually changing. Your mantra should encompass the things that are most important to you that you want to remind yourself of.

I have each one of my five cores addressed in my mantra to make sure I’m being physical, that I’m fostering my relationships, that my mindset is healthy, and that I’m growing and I’m thinking in the right framework. You can customize your mantra to anything that is important to you right now. Feel free to email me for suggestions or take my core score quiz for ideas of areas that you might need to work on.

Positive Habit #6: The music that makes my soul happy. Once I’m out of my shower, I tell Alexa to play my favorite music. My human spirit begins rolling. You might even catch me dancing.

By this point, my heart is feeling good and I’m feeling my joy.

While the music is still playing, I’m also putting on my moisturizer, brushing my teeth and flossing. These are all good for me and the music keeps it fun.

Now I’m ready to hit the ground running. I’ve had the proper nourishment, fostered my emotional health, recited a clear mantra to keep my mindset focused, and I’m ready to crush it!
Create A Morning Routine To Help You
Having a morning routine that’s helping you versus hurting you can make a huge difference in your life because it’s those little actions that build up over time that compound and help you become that person that you want to be.

Now it’s time for you to take a look at your morning habits. Where can you make small changes to your morning habits that will add up to big positive momentum throughout your day and week? For ideas, join my Facebook group here. It’s a good way to start your day too. 🙂