WILL Moore

Life is Unpredictable but Your Views and Reaction Don’t Have To Be

 is like a box of chocolates. Yo“Lifeu never know what you’re going to get.” Tom Hanks made that quote go viral before viral was a thing. It was instantly famous, falling off the lips of everyone from toddlers to grandmas and pop-pops. This week it’s Joe Exotic and his epic music videos being talked about the most, but movies like Forrest Gump, with the depth and lessons learned will live on forever, which I’m afraid I can’t say about the Tiger King.

The simple quote reminds us how unpredictable life can be, and boy are we seeing that now more than ever with the coronavirus. Boys and girls, its sink or swim time.

Now is the time to take a look at your life and breathe it in. You’ve got a clean slate every day, and there are far less distractions you can use as an excuse. For the first time, in a long time, you have time to reflect on your life. To take a good long hard look at what’s working and what’s not. Whether you use this time as an opportunity to replace some of those failure habits you’ve developed with success ones is entirely up to you.

When it comes to your emotional health, let’s take a look at the areas in your life that are constantly stressing you out, as well as the areas you are super passionate about but have been neglecting.

Now is the time to step back, take a deep breath, and get a 10,000 ft view of your life. What are the top three things that are stressing you out on a daily basis? What are your top three passions, things that when you do them fill your soul with joy and excitement, that you’ve been neglecting?

This time of quarantine is an opportunity you may never get again. An opportunity to do some soul searching and reset a course for the life you’ve always known was out there somewhere, but has been eluding you. It’s time to take your life by the horns and show it who’s boss. To shine that spotlight on those things that are making you less happy and building negative momentum, and start the course of replacing them with the habits that will lead to your best self.

Soon your life will go back to normal and if you take no action, those things that were causing you pain and anguish will resume their course. Don’t blow this opportunity. Be the guy or gal who comes out of this thing bright and bushy tailed with a new attitude on life, and the foundation of new habits you’ve begun to form that will truly transform your life.

This week we’re focusing on emotional health, but each week we’ll be getting into what you can do in ALL five core areas to reset and prepare to take flight. Changing your habits in each of these will truly change your life, if you’ll only take the time to make a commitment to yourself and follow through no matter what. Here’s to you having a resilient mindset that has proven you can survive and flourish in any condition, new goals to propel your career and finances, deeper relationships and increased allies, better physical help leaving you looking better and feeling better, and emotional health that has you less stressed and enjoying ALL that life has to offer :).

Life is like a box of chocolates. You may not know what you’re gonna get, but you CAN determine how you both view and react to whatever it might be.

Action Tip:
Make a list of three things that have been on your radar of wanting to do but you’ve been putting them off because “life was getting in the way.” Here are some examples, but make sure the ones YOU choose are tied to YOUR passions and/or something you know will bring you and those you love immense joy!
  • Learn a new language

  • Look up youtube videos to learn an instrument

  • Take a free painting class online

  • Get a cookbook and start experimenting with some new recipes

  • Brush up on your knowledge of the stock market and take advantage of this rare opportunity (Check out my stock picking guide).

  • Use your camera’s timer app, get dressed up, and take a family photo

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