WILL Moore

How You CAN Be the Person Who’s Awesome

Hans Selye was an endocrinologist and a pioneer in understanding stress and how it affects our health in the early to mid 1900’s. He actually coined the word “stress.” Back then, stress was fairly anecdotal, and doctors didn’t have a term for it, let alone a grasp of the vast array of effects that negative stress can cause to our health. Among many discoveries, he concluded that, “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress to a positive stress.”

Simple but so powerful. Our mindset has the ability to convert negative momentum and change it to positive momentum. It reminds me of the time a good friend told me that every day, no matter how he feels, when asked how he is, his response is “I am AWESOME” with actual enthusiasm. His testimonial to this habit was that he might not have started the day feeling awesome, but by the time he said it a few times, he really felt AWESOME, melting away the negative stress that first clouded his day. He used his mindset to create his own positive momentum. True story, I’ve adopted this trick into my own daily habits, and it really does work. Thanks Andrew Brown!

So how is a simple change of habit like this effective? Your day didn’t actually change. You can’t just wish away whatever funk you woke up with in the first place. So is this just hopeful thinking?

Absolutely not. The truth is your mindset should never depend on life being perfect. There will always be moments of adversity and failure. The truly successful 5%ers don’t avoid these storms any better than the rest of us. Instead, they WELCOME them as mandatory parts of growing into a bigger, better, faster, stronger version of themselves. They accept the rain and look for ways to use it to nourish their garden. They wake up every day and say “I am AWESOME and whatever today brings, I’ve got this.”

Over the past few weeks, our storm has been the coronavirus and boy is it a hurricane. But by focusing your mindset on one of resilience, positivity and opportunity, you give yourself the chance to adapt and even improve no matter what’s happening around you. You’ve got the choice to see the world as scary and threatening and yourself as fragile, or alternatively, you can wake up every morning and know that you will be awesome, and you’ll build positive momentum right now working in sync with what the world has to offer, not despite it.

Our parents called this grit. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary grit is “firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.” Having grit means life doesn’t have to be easy because your mindset is resolved to keep moving forward no matter what.

Having grit means resourcefulness instead of panic. It means looking at a situation from all angles and seeing how you can propel yourself to keep moving forward within a new set of guidelines. It’s examining your five cores and adjusting your success habits in each core so that you can excel right now. Grit isn’t waiting for the rainbow; grit is making your own rainbow before the storm has even passed.



In case you’re wondering, today I really am feeling fantastic. There’s no better day to build positive momentum.



This Week’s Action Tips:


Wake up each day with a resolve to be awesome. Create a catch phrase like “I’m awesome” “Doing fantastic” or if you feel so compelled, you can even use the old stand by “If I were any better I’d be twins!” If you’re not really feeling it, keep saying it anyways until you do – there’s wisdom to the old adage fake it till you make it.


And instead of fighting the current state of affairs, look for ways throughout your day to make the best of every situation, no matter how crappy it might first appear. Make it a game to turn lemons into lemonade.