WILL Moore

How to Make Real Change This New Year
Yowza! 2019 is nearly in our rearview. Do you feel like you gained more positive than negative momentum this past year? If even the thought of answering this makes you cringe, fear not. We’re just getting started and I PROMISE you that if you stick with me and my system this year you’ll be on your way to firing on all cylinders!

Auld Lang Syne. Not a typo. It means “old long since” or more loosely translated “for old times’ sake.” When we sing it on New Year’s Eve, we’re toasting to old times and looking forward to a New Year and new experiences. But to really get the most out of this phrase, it’s more about reflecting back on what happened with your happiness this past year. Did it go up or down? Did you gain positive or negative momentum? And what resolutions will help you build more happiness and momentum?
Most of us make well-intentioned resolutions year after year to no avail. We REALLLLYYYY mean it in the moment. We’re pumped. We’re ready. But according to Inc, Magazine, only 8% of us actually follow through on New Year’s resolutions. And 50% of people admit they failed before January was even over! Crashed and burned huh, Mav?
So why in the heck don’t they stick?

It all comes down to your habits. Habits don’t care if they’re good or bad, they do their thing and take their toll on us over time either way. Once they’ve established themselves, they dig their claws in and hold on for dear life, making them extremely difficult to change. The key is to eliminate your failure habits and replace them with success habits.

But how? It starts with the mother of all your cores. Your mindset. I break down people’s mindsets into two categories, 1) higher growth-owner and 2) lower-fixed victim. The lower fixed-victim is tapping into that primal part of the brain that believes they’re born the way they are and there’s nothing they can do about it, might as well grab every lowest hanging fruit out there to make the most out of the bad hand they’ve been dealt.

The higher growth-owner mindset, on the other hand, takes a step back and looks at things from the 10,000 ft view. They understand that they have unique strengths and passions that they can leverage, can find workarounds for those areas they’re not as strong in, and KNOW that life is about continually learning and growing on their way to becoming the best version of themselves.

The below illustration signifies the two paths you can take. One of them involves stepping into what I call your “success loop” and involves you heading up into that bright bold beautiful sky. The other involves remaining in your failure loop which will send you crashing down to earth (or worse never leaving the launch pad to begin with).

To hop into your success loop being piloted by your higher growth-owner self, your first step will be to take note of what your biggest wins and losses were this past year. What seemed to help you gain that positive momentum on your way to becoming the happiest and best version of yourself, and what seemed to cause your happiness to plummet.

Next, take the above info and ask yourself what the top 3 habits you KNOW that if you were to develop this year would improve your life. They can either be failure habits to stop or success habits to start.
Next, let’s put those habits into their proper cores. For instance, if your three were 1) Limit sugar intake, 2) Spend more quality time with friends and family, and 3) Save more money this year, the three corresponding cores would be 1) Physical Health, 2) Relationships, and 3) Career & Finances.

Finally, ask yourself how you can start building your three habits immediately and make sure they stick? What small action can you commit to making this week in each of your three habits?

The hard part will be keeping your commitment to yourself week after week until they become habit. But don’t fret, that’s what I’m here for.

The book and the app that will be launching in the next year will greatly help you with this, but in the meantime let me be your momentum partner so I can help ensure day by day, step by step, I’m helping you to take advantage of, vs being taken advantage BY, what I call the EQUATION OF LIFE: Your Belief System + Your Repeated Actions + Time = Who You Will Become.

I wish you the best for 2020 and beyond! Thanks for being on this journey with me this year! I look forward to fostering my relationship core by getting to know my Momentum Builders better through my 5 Core Facebook group. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join us to interact with me and like-minded people who are ready to take control of their overall happiness!
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