WILL Moore

Gratitude: The Success Habit To Fuel All Five Cores
Gratitude is something we should actively take part in every day. When our days are filled with gratitude, we’ll feel better both physically and mentally. It can literally boost our immune system and lessen depression. I personally have made gratitude part of the daily mantra I repeat to myself every day. At the end of it, I remind myself of the top 3 things that I’m grateful for. This month I’m so grateful for:

-My family, including their health and mine.

-My creativity and unique lens, through which I see the world.

-My grit, determination, and persistence. The ability to push through where others can’t.

Gratitude involves being able to tap into that “higher growth-owner” mindset where you can see the world from a 10,000 foot view. You are helping to shift your entire perception of the world from the glass half-empty to half-full. From dark to light and bad to good. You’re ensuring you are laser-focused on the things that make you happy and help you feel alive inside; and reminding yourself you have great things going for you and there is only more to come. It genuinely gives you propulsion to help gain the momentum that you’re looking for throughout the day – as opposed to focusing on all the things that make you unhappy (which the 95%ers spend most of their day doing) thus causing friction and causing you to freeze in place, stripping your changes of making progress. The more you take inventory of the great things you have going for you, the more you’ll naturally start having more great things going, and the bad will fade away.

Being grateful also elevates our compassion. We look at others differently, not as obstacles and nuisances in our way, but as allies and opportunities for deep fulfilled connections. And showing genuine gratitude toward others for something you identify as important to them and that they’re proud of, legit spurs miracles
This past year at the gym, there was an individual I was having trouble getting along with on the basketball court. No matter what I tried, he seemed determined to dislike me. One day after playing together for a few games when he was having a particularly good day, I walked up to him and said, “Hey man, glad I had you on my team today. You helped carry us and I’m truly grateful kind sir.” (making it fun so wasn’t awkward). His eyes lit up, he smiled and said, “Thanks man, you too.” Ever since, we’ve had a great relationship both on and off the court, and it’s even helped us gain more wins because we’re working together vs against each other.
Practicing gratitude can be formed into a habit. Through repeated action we can gain the benefits of actively engaging in gratitude. This success habit will allow you to gain positive momentum to fuel each of your 5 core areas. You will be on your way to firing on all 5 cylinders!