WILL Moore

Giving Back: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Emotional Health Toolkit

Have you ever wondered why the Emotional Health Core is usually listed as “Emotional Health/ Giving Back?” That’s because giving back is such a huge part of your emotional health that it’s almost on equal terms of importance.

The Emotional Health Core is nurturing the mind to feel good, do good, and leave a legacy you can be proud of. Giving Back is one of these elements to nurturing. The more you give and help others, the more you’ll fill your soul with joy and get back in return.

Think of how you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you do a good deed for someone else. Giving is quite literally good for you. Even just witnessing an act of kindness can trigger this same response.
Recently I was standing in line at the drugstore. There was a young man and his mother waiting in front of me.

As we stood there waiting in line, I started to get aggravated it was taking so long. When the mother and son got to the register in front of me, I noticed that all they bought was a bag of chips and a pack of Oreos. My judging mind started to creep in and I caught myself thinking how unhealthy their choice of snack was before I squashed the thought.

As I exited, I noticed a big smile on a homeless guy’s face sitting outside the store. Upon further inspection, I saw that the young gentleman in front of me had handed him his pack of Oreos.

Bravo, sir!

I patted the young man on the back who just minutes earlier had been frustrating me and said, “Nice work, man, we need more like you.”

Your emotional health core thrives on helping others and giving back, so it’s important to seek opportunities to make another person’s day like that young man did.
Most people aren’t driven by power and money. They want power and money in order to make an impact in the areas they care about. Family, humanitarian causes, a desire to change an industry, or make the world a better place… In determining how YOU best can give back, use whatever you’re already great at at and passionate about to help you leave your legacy. For me, it’s writing a book and building an app that I’m hoping will lead to a movement of change where I help people become the best version of themselves to in turn pay it forward to make the world a better place.
Your goal is to create a cycle of giving. You give back to a cause you care about and get a boost of energy and empowerment from doing so. That boost lets you turn around and accomplish even more, which will in turn spur you to want to give back even more. This is part of what I call your “success loop,” which we’ll discuss more of in the near future.

Your tip this week is to determine what you can do to give back to others. Remember, start with what you already enjoy doing and are good at. How can you incorporate it into your regular routine? Maybe you love sports and could volunteer to be a big brother for an underprivileged kid where you play a sport you both enjoy once/week. Or maybe you love to bake and can make something for the local shelter?

Now go do goooooooooddddddd!