WILL Moore

Can Humans Multitask?

When you went on that job interview and your future or potential future employer asked you: “Are you a good multitasker?” Did you go, “Yeah buddy, that’s me. I’m all in”?

Hate to burst your bubble, but that’s a bad question and there is no right answer other than: “No, I’m not a good multitasker.”

Multitasking doesn’t exist, my friends. It’s actually a myth.

Turns out we have billions of neurons in our brain that can do lots of pretty cool stuff, but multitasking, doing two things at the same time, straight up is not one of them. Know that myth and use it to help you.


By making sure that when you’re trying to build your habits, you’re not trying to do too many at once.
Why Can’t People Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions?

Leading up to New Year’s, many of us say “I’m gonna be this, I’m going to be that” and then you start taking too many actions. Things like I need to eat well, I need to exercise well, I need to start building my relationships…all of these different cores are trying to be done all at once.

What ends up happening is you get frustrated and you end up quitting because it’s impossible to do!

Your brain hasn’t had time to build that one habit.

Why Is It So Hard To Break Habits?

Remember, habits don’t care if they’re good or bad, helping or hurting us. Once they’re locked in, they’re going to work for or against us.

They’re going to get into our subconscious and start doing their thing so that we don’t have to think about them.

If you have a bad habit that’s hurting you, it’s going to take some front-loaded work. You’re going to have to take those actions, make that commitment, make sure you keep doing them until that failure habit is replaced with a success habit.

If you try to do too many at once, you’re never going to get to that point, and then they’re going to fizzle off and you’re going to find yourself back at square one and all that was wasted energy.

Hope you enjoyed this tip today. Multitasking, “Schmultitasking”. ‘Til next time!