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8. Leaders: Are Your Physical Health & Mindset Helping You Reach Your Peak Leadership Performance? Join Will and Special Guest Jamie Shapiro To


8. In this episode, Will sits down with Special Guest Jamie Shapiro, Certified Executive Leadership + Wellbeing Coach and Author of “Brillant: Be The Leader Who Shines Brightly Without Burning Out”


Together they discuss everything from how Jamie is helping leaders develop a keen awareness of how both their health and mindset impact leadership performance, how to lead with your “whole” self, how to start with meditation, why haters hate, and more. 


It’s Time To Start Firing On All Cylinders. Let’s Go!




Executive coach, nutritionist, speaker, teacher, and consultant Jamie Shapiro, CEO of ConnectedEC, is a leading authority on connecting wellness with leadership performance. Having experienced executive burnout, she understands the incredible pressure executives face in their life and the difficulty in staying connected to professional and personal goals in demanding environments.  


Jamie has been coaching and developing high performing teams since 1998 in executive roles within large-scale corporate companies. Jamie, through her corporate career, realized the toll that high pressure, stressful and demanding roles can take. She left the corporate world with a mission to make changes for leaders and organizations. 


Jamie has both an MBA and a Masters in Information Technology and is certified as both an executive coach and a nutritionist. Her vision is to bring a new form of holistic coaching to top-level leaders. Jamie’s company, ConnectedEC, helps people develop a keen awareness of how both their health and mindset have an effect on their capacity to reliably tap into their leadership capabilities. www.connectedec.com


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