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36. Dr. Greg Reid master connector on the power of networking

36. In this episode of 5 Core Life, Will Moore sits down with Dr. Greg Reid award winning author, Keynote speaker and Film Producer. They breakdown how associations and connections are the key to getting what you want in life. Greg explains the best way to reach out to someone that can help you build momentum is by using specificity.

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Greg Reid (@GregReid)is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits. Published in over 56 books, 28 best sellers, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Greg will share that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply. Recently, Keynote Speaker Greg Reid has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement — Think and Grow Rich.

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