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27. Conflict Transformation – Using Your Emotions & Conflicts To Actually Propel Your Relationships & Life


27. In this episode of 5 Core Life, Will Moore sits down with Special Guest Jonathan Miller founder of Mindful Communication. Together they discuss maximizing your clarity and understanding of others utilizing a technique called conflict transformation. Jonathan Miller drops some knowledge on how to use your emotions and conflict to actually propel your relationships and life forward. We cover the “golden rule” of conflict which involves not reacting to the other, his top habit for bringing the other person’s walls down, and becoming aware of the root of what’s REALLY making you angry so you can get to work on resolving it.


Are You Ready To Fire On All Cylinders? If so… Let’s Go!




Jonathan Miller has spent hundreds of hours in deliberate communication practice and stretching himself outside of his comfort zone. He is a former program leader at Landmark Worldwide and is in the process of becoming a Certified Professional Coach through Erickson Coaching International. He has done extensive training in Nonviolent Communication and is also a dedicated Vipassana meditation practitioner, having spent well over 2,000 hours meditating in the past few years. His coaching style is rigorous, compassionate and highly action-oriented.


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