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163. Developing a Growth Owner Mindset | Anthony Mendez

163. In developing a growth owner mindset, host Will Moore sits down with Anthony Mendez (@mendezfitness), to discuss becoming a growth owner versus fixed victim. They talk about tips to have the best holiday season ever with the family, the main areas 5 cores of life to build success habits in and balance (and which to put above all else), and how to develop a growth owner mindset vs a fixed victim mindset to Always Be Growing on your way to becoming and unstoppable force!

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Anthony Mendez Bio:

Anthony Mendez is a Miami based entrepreneur, speaker, athlete and founder of AMM ASSOCIATION, a full service innovative digital firm that helps high growth health and fitness companies exponentially broaden their reach and increase their sales.

Learn more at: https://www.instagram.com/mendezfitness/

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