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161. Turning a Career Ending Injury into Opportunity | Success Habits | Matt Lombardi, hockey player & CBD Entrepreneur

161. In turning a career ending injury into opportunity, host Will Moore sits down with Matt Lombardi (@mattlombardi24), to discuss the success habits that have propelled him throughout his life and career. Will and Matt discuss his journey from potential professional hockey career that came to an abrupt end to following his passion and strengths that led to the business he has today. Matt shares his biggest failure habit that he was able to gamify into a success habit.

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Matt Lombardi Bio:

Matt Lombardi grew up in the greater Boston area and always dreamed of playing collegiately for Boston College. In 2006, Lombardi attended Boston College where he was fortunate enough to play hockey throughout his tenure. As a talented player competing with some of the best teams, Lombari won the national championship his sophomore and senior year. Lombardi attended the Carroll School of Management, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing in 2010. Lombardi pursued a professional hockey career and went on to play in the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins organizations. After a bad concussion his last year playing professional hockey, Lombardi decided to take on a different career path, moving into the tech field. His first job outside of the sports arena was an inbound sales desk at Eaton Vance, and since then has been a serial entrepreneur in the tech space becoming the Co-Founder of a startup called DRIVN Coaching Platform, and most recently CEO & Co-Founder of Grander Inc.

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