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141. How to Save Money on Your Taxes | Tyler Mcbroom

141.In How to Save Money On Your Taxes, host Will Moore sits down with Tyler Mcbroom, to discuss the secrets to what triggers audits from the IRS and how to save your hard earned cash. Together, Tyler & Will discuss real estate, stocks, s-corps, and loopholes for saving on taxes. This is all about how to gamify your business and find legal ways to lower your tax bill.

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Tyler McBroom Bio:

Tyler McBroom is a CPA and Managing Partner for his firm, MMC, and is the United States partner in Tony Robbins’ Global Accounting Advisors Alliance. His mission is to help business owners around the United States grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible. Tyler recently published his first book, Cashflow & Grow, which teaches business owners the financial habits and routines they need to implement in their business to grow profitably and increase the cash in their bank accounts.

Website: https://tylermcbroom.com

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