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137. The Secret to Staying Physically Fit, Gamify Your Fitness | Zach Bitter, Endurance Athlete

137. In The Secret to Staying Physically Fit, host Will Moore sits down with Zach Bitter, to discuss how gamify your fitness and push through to your goals. Together, Zach & Will discuss the secret to staying physically fit for the average person. When to quit and when you should stick to your goals. Lastly, how to balance both the psychological hurdles and physical hurdles to achieve your fitness goals.

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Zach Bitter Bio:

Zach is an ultramarathon athlete, coach, and podcast host. He has broken World and American Records, won National Championships, and competed on Team USA’s 100km Road World Championship Team. Zach has appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on two occasions.

Website: https://zachbitter.com/hpo

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