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129. Living a Holistic Lifestyle, Lose Weight, Live Great | Luke Depron, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

129. In Living a Holistic Lifestyle, host Will Moore sits down with Luke Depron, Founder of Live Great Lifestyle to discuss how to lose weight and live your best life. Luke Depron and Will discuss what it means to fire on all cylinders in all 5 cores, how tech can hurt us if we’re not careful but be a huge momentum builder if we use it right, and if college is worth it these days. Also, Luke shares his top failure habit that he was able to turn into a success habit to kick ass and take names.

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My #1 mission in life is to help you become the best version of YOURself so you can, in turn, pay it forward to make the world the best version of ITself.

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Luke Depron Bio:

Luke DePron is a sought-after online weight loss coach for busy entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well as the host of a high-performance podcast, and the Founder of Live Great Lifestyle.

Using his extensive training in Exercise Science Kinesiology combined with strategies learned from a network of elite performers (including Navy Seals, World Champion fighters, NYT Best Selling Authors, and more) has helped transform the lives of everyday men to Olympic-level athletes.

Today, he helps high-achieving entrepreneurs lose 25+ pounds of body-fat through the Lean Body Method™ so their physiques, energy, and confidence match the success they have in business and in life.

Website: https://livegreatlifestyle.com

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