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125. Eat Natural Food to Improve Your Physical Health | Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of Ancient Nutrition

125. In this episode of the 5 Core Life, host Will Moore sits down with Dr. Josh Axe to discuss the ketogenic diet, biological food and understanding your physiology. Dr Josh Axe (@drjoshaxe) discusses the common misconception on modern medicine versus ancient, where on the planet the healthiest people live (and what they eat), and how we all have unique physiology and can’t just assume that a diet is a one-size-fits-all scenario. We need to understand what our particular needs are and the best foods to meet those needs.

Are you ready to fire on all cylinders? If so, let’s go!


Dr. Josh Axe, founderofAncient NutritionandDrAxe.com, is a certified doctor of natural medicine (DNM), doctor of chiropractic (DC)and clinical nutritionist (CNS) with a passion to help people get healthy by empowering them to use nutrition to fuel their health.He is the bestselling author ofKeto Diet, Eat Dirt, andCollagen Diet, andauthor of thebrand new, best-sellingbook Ancient Remedies(Feb 2). Dr. Axe founded the natural health website DrAxe.com,one of the top natural health website in the world today. Its main topics include nutrition, natural remedies, fitness,healthy recipes,home DIY solutions, and trending health news. Dr. Axe is also the co-founder ofAncient Nutrition, which provides protein powders, holistic supplements, vitamins, essential oils and more to the modern world. Most recently, he launched his podcast,The Dr. Axe Showwhich features interviews with top health influencers such as Dr. Oz, The Skinny Confidential, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Will Cole & many more! He has an incredible fanbase onFacebook (2.7m) &Instagram(656k) and shares his many health tips on these platforms with the goal of transforming lives using food as medicine.


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